Scholars emphasize inclusive reconstruction, rehabilitation activities



ADDIS ABABA – The government needs to shorten the course of the northern conflict so as to speed up the country’s reconstruction with the active involvement of the Diaspora community, political and economic scholars opined.

Following the outbreak of the northern conflict which was triggered by the terrorist TPLF a year ago, Ethiopia has been facing huge economic, social and political challenges.

Political Science and Law Expert Lemma Yifrashewa (PhD) told local media that the terrorist faction has caused immense destruction of public and private properties in the Amhara and Afar states and mainly targeted health, education and other public service providers. “We have witnessed unexpected things during the conflict and the atrocities committed by the outlawed group are so heinous.”

The academician further highlighted that TPLF’s indiscriminate murder of civilians and gang rape of women and girls have caused deep moral damage in the civilian population of the two states and would take long time to heal. Maternal, child care and other critical health services are fully disrupted due to the looting carried out by the criminal clique on health institutions and many patients and vulnerable people died because of lack of necessary treatments.

“In order to rebuild the affected institutions, it needs only finance and giving support and consultation for victims of the gang rape and other forms of sexual assaults. To this end, the government needs to document the evil deeds of the TPLF.”

Sharing the above, Economic Expert Tsegaye Degineh (PhD) said that the rehabilitation process takes time and it is a continuous activity and it is not something abruptly quitted and resumed during wars. “Now, Ethiopia is in a war economy and a national campaign is crucial so as to protect the economy from further recession and the main thing to realize the rehabilitation process is shortening the time of the conflict and resorting to the rehabilitation endeavors.”

For a Political Science and International Conflict Analyst Belachew Gebrewold (Professor), the reconstruction process needs to be inclusive that considers social, political and economic aspects.

The January 14/2022

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