Scholars emphasize return of Ethiopia’s heritage


ADDIS ABABA– Scholars in the fields of archeology and accounting said collaborative effort is needed to return home of historical heritages belonging to Ethiopia that are found in various countries beyond doing research on them.

Addis Ababa University recently hosted a discussion forum in the attendance of  reputable scholars in the field of heritages and two research papers were also presented. The research papers highlighted that Ethiopian scholars who live in home and abroad have to make collaborative efforts to the return of stolen heritages.

During the occasion, Washington D.C. based National Museum of Natural History Research Associate Yohannes Zeleke (PhD) and Accounting Professor at Metropolitan  State University of Denver Minga Negash, stated that Ethiopia’s historical heritages that have been stolen or taken by Westerners have to be returned.

Approached by The , Yohannes said that they are developing a system to preserve and protect Ethiopia’s historical heritages that are found locally and abroad via conducting research in collaboration with stakeholders from various disciplines.

Noting he presented a research titled “The unknown history of Ethiopian heritage outside of Ethiopia,” the academician indicated close partnership has been formed with Institute of Ethiopian Studies, Authority for Research and Conservation ofCulturalHeritage to return the stolen heritage across the world.

Yohannes further explained that no precondition is placed to return the heritage so far. Majority of the heritages are found in Russia, Italy, UK and Spain. The government should get ready to renovate and return historical heritage, bring together the scholars who know about the heritages then it can take advantage of this opportunity  to launch a global campaign to return them easily.

“Helped by the government’s action, the scholars could launch a heritage campaign at international level and finally the heritages will return home gradually.” “I have taught more than 600 scholars about Ethiopian heritage in the U.S. and other places now the awareness of the historical heritage is increasing. We are doing research to return Ethiopian heritage that was found outside, we will prepare an action plan to facilitate the issues,” he elaborated.

Professor Minga Negash also presented his research under the title; “Accounting for heritage assets in developing countries.” Clarifying about some peoples’ misconception of accounting assesses only income and expenditure of money and audit, the scholar said the discipline has a deeper concept.

The professor further pointed out that his research is on process and discussing at international level to enter effectively how culture and heritage registration can be put in an accounting perspective. The draft is presenting how to approve it.

It was learned that archeology and accounting scholars are on the way to do jobs with regard to the historical heritage in various perspectives. “Ethiopia has an advantage since it has an international accounting standard of lobby in accounting so we return stolen heritage and can conserve them in a better way. Accounting sees dual benefits of heritage, economic and tourism. Various disciplines are vital to get better outcomes from the issues,” Minga remarked.

The January 12/2022

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