Scholars envisage AU 35th Summit to reinforce Pan-Africanism

ADDIS ABABA- The UNSC resolutions and other decisions on Africa’s matters without the latter’s permanent representation replicate the world in the wake of the Berlin Conference, social science experts said, expressing optimism that the 35th AU summit fosters Pan-Africanist approach to the cause.

Speaking with The , Ambo University Political Science Lecturer Solomon Teffera stated that the UNSC does not involve Africa when it passes resolutions and other decisions about the continent. Therefore, the upcoming 35th AU Summit is expected to encourage Africans to make a united appeal to obtain a permanent seat in the world’s most powerful decision-making body.

The academician further noted that all decisions passed by the UNSC are based upon seventy- seven- year- old unreformed charter. The Charter, driven from the colonial ideology of the Berlin Conference, targeted the scrambling of Africa. The secret behind prohibiting Africa from the UNSC is paving the way to impose individuals’ political interests on Africa directly through the collective set of the IMF and World Bank.

Sharing the above rationale, Business and Economics Lecturer at Ambo University TeshomeDula (PhD) said for his part that resolutions and other decisions passed by UNSC without representation of Africa does not consider facts on the ground. “Based upon the facts on the ground, Africa represents more population than some of the veto wielding states such as France, UK and U.S. put together.”

As to him, this unfair representation exposes Africa to political pressure through loan and donation. The academician advised African’s come unite to fight against unfair and unbalanced decisions by UNSC without representation of Africa.

The AU peace and Security Council should strengthen Pan- Africanism and make sure those countries have a chance to participate temporarily at UNSC to deliver collective engagements rather than reflecting self-interest before the end of their term.

Having permanent representation at UNSC has its own economic importance. It allows Africa to use their veto power, get an opportunity to maintain self-determination on African affairs without intervention of any external bodies, Teshome emphasized.



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