“Seeing is believing,” call a spade a spade to stave off atavistic frenzy

“Seeing is believing,” goes the famous adage.

The aforementioned adage is a wisdom-encapsulated saying used to ram home when someone sees for oneself the truth of the occurrence of a quite strange thing one could no longer harbor doubt to voice one’s stance about the veracity of the case in point.

Because, armed with ample and tangible information one will have a firsthand knowledge not to sit on the horns of a dilemma.

Dispelling doubt, one could be judgmental with a square shoulder either to expose or condemn say atrocities. Armed with the truth, coming out from the confines of diplomatic niceties, one will be prodded by one’s conscience to lay bare the grim truth cognizant that “a justice delayed is a justice denied.

” Withholding the truth one discovered is tantamount to condoning the offender and indirectly partaking in the crime.

If the offender or mourning-killer is a congenital liar born head-to-toe to indulge in a killing-and-looting spree and to scapegoat its felonies, condoning its crimes on the part of observers, for want of enough information or otherwise, helps it to work itself into a frenzy of atavism.

Such crime by omission further exacerbates the plight of the victim. Probably for hidden mutual benefit or diplomatic decorum, expressing the problem in equal tone while addressing the victim and the victimizer damages the moral of the victim and emboldens the perpetrator of the crime.

The latter, who by evil luck evaded being labeled brutal, even go to the extent of plunging into unheard of misdemeanors.

Take for instance what Terrorist TPLF troops have been doing since they were dislodged from power by popular unrest shunned ruthless vampires. Contravening the rules of military engagement, TPLF was setting schools and universities ablaze with fire with a special focus on record offices, registrars and laboratories.

It was reducing hospitals, health centers and pharmacies into rubbles after it looted hard-found medicaments, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals. It made garrison out of churches and mosques as its founders utter “We do not know God. It is God that knows us!” It pillaged UNESCO -recognized religious relics. Its troops raped elderly nuns to trample on sacred religious values.

Child girls suffered the same in front of family members, while wives before husbands by way of dealing a mental shock to the society. Its troops did so to execute the diktat of crazy leaders all-out to create moral decadence and to hack social fabrics thereby to promote submissiveness and individualism.

Terrorist TPLF does everything to make disorder the order of the day. Even heads of cattle especially cows could not evade the hatred boon. Genocide was top on TPLF’s destructive spree as largely witnessed in Maikadra. It was burying victims in residential houses to scare off other family members from their home and abode as such a thing is divorced from their traditions. Disgustingly its troops were leaving human refuse on plates and beds.

Dismantling key machineries of industries TPLF was ferrying to Tigray not only to benefit itself but also to economically weaken the Amhara and Afar states. It did the same on harvests. It has openly declared that it would go even to hell to meet its objective of dismantling Ethiopia. That is why it is dovetailing with devil worshipers that facilitate to it dishonest media houses that in their turn worship money.

Citizens could not wrap their mind around how could such crimes unfold in timeold God-fearing and religious Ethiopia by the bird-brained that developed the sentiment of dissension,which was not there a century back trampling on the nationalist feeling of their forefathers as evidenced by the heroic Alula and King Yohannes IV.

Worst of all, displacing and bleeding dry victims, terrorist TPLF was clamoring for help as if it itself was the victim. What have you? Those who came here for the 35th African Summit and visited victims have expressed their concern.

UN Deputy Secretary General Amina Mohammed said “the biggest losers of this conflict are the women and children.” There has to be an immediate end to sexual and gender-based violence, among other atrocities, and cited the need for comprehensive physical and mental health support.

“It takes a lifetime to rebuild the trust” and “society’s fabric”, to make up for the losses which have been sustained. Dr. Annette Weber, European Union Special Representative for the Horn of Africa and Mr. Obasanjo expressed the same feelings. It is high time to call a spade a spade.

The 12 February 2022

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