Silencing the call for justice will not be the solution

Everyone has his/her queries to be answered. When it comes to the community, people come together and share their ideas that could be the solution for the questions.

However, when it comes to a nation, the whole steps are different. A country may have question to look for an answer, and there are organizations that are responsible to fix those requests and demands from all corners. Again, these organizations should be neutral from any pressure and from any skewed decisions.

In the current situation, Ethiopia is fighting many wars both internally and externally. The pressure that the country carries is mounting high. This happens due to the number of actors who want to get involved and put their influences on the country.

Due to the conflict in Ethiopia, international organizations including the World Health Organization (WHO) are responsible in some way in this internal conflict. Though the organization has a neutral role in every aspect, there are things that make the government of Ethiopia feel neglected and biased regarding its decisions and media related releases. As Ethiopia is the member of the United Nations, it is the country’s right to get the necessary support in times of emergencies.

Recently, the country officially submitted an appeal letter to the UN, but the resentment appeared long before this appeal. This resentment is directly related with the WHO General Director, Dr. Tedros Adhanom. As he is one of the highest chief in the UN, his words and ideas are highly influential as many people are following him.

There is several times where the General Director tweets one way slanted messages. One of his recent tweets on Jan. 14 says, “Imagine a complete blockade of seven million people for more than a year. And there is no food. There is no medication, no medicine. No electricity. No telecom. No media. This has to stop.” This message shows how the General Director backed his old terrorist friends despite sitting at the position of a General Director to one of the highest institutions in the world.

In his many tweets, Dr. Tedros has said nothing in relation to the destroyed and looted hospitals and health centers in Afar and Amhara Regions that his old friends did. Let alone the destroyed and looted schools and universities, it is reported that the terrorist TPLF has looted, wrecked and destroyed more than 60 health facilities including 17 health centers, a hospital and 42 health posts in Afar Region. This is just to show the disaster in Afar Region. Unfortunately, the WHO Chief has not uttered a word about such destructions. Still, he tries to be the voice of his terrorist colleagues.

On January 13, 2022, the government of Ethiopia sent a letter of objection. It is about the General Director moral, legal and professional standing to the Executive Board of the World Health Organization (WHO). The letter says about the support from the Ethiopian government when the Director was appointed. The letter further indicates the Director’s interference in the internal affairs of Ethiopia and its relations with the Eritrea. Even though Dr. Tedros is chief at the WHO, he is still supporting the terrorist group TPLF. He is using his office and abusing his power to support TPLF, the letter says. Finally, the letter urges the executive committee to investigate the Director General regarding his misconduct and violations of legal and professional obligations.

From this letter the government of Ethiopia wants the executive committee to investigate the breach of values, rules and regulations of the WHO and the UN as a whole by the General Director. Quite the reverse, Ethiopia finds no ears to listen to its call for justice. In many occasions, even international media have exposed the General’s misconducts in various occasions. Still, the executive committee has been ignoring those misconducts as if they aren’t committed.

On the same token, for the coming election in May, the General Director has been nominated by the executive committee. This makes Dr. Tedros a sole contestant to rule the World Health Organization for the coming four years.

Besides, according to the letter from the Ethiopian government on Jan, 25, 2022, the country was not allowed to present its statement in the 150 session of the Executive Board of the WHO on Jan. 24, 2022.

Because of the above reasons, the international organizations including WHO and its Executive Board have failed to declare that the General Director has committed crimes. History teaches us that this is not the only time that Ethiopia was neglected by those international Organizations when the country wants to go for its rights or to get their support.

The government of Ethiopia was the one that supported Dr. Tedros to get the chair by mobilizing other African countries. It is also true that Ethiopia has not got what it deserves. It will be better to give the country a chance to present its statement as it is the member state of the UN. Again, the executive board must give its ears to both sides before going to decision. Whatever the board decides, Ethiopia will prevail and its citizens have no rest to stand and defend their beloved country.

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