Social bounties out of Adwa victory in the eyes of citizens


Colonial actors have long been regarded as equaled by none in terms of knowledge, skill, military capacity, affluence etc. Hence, they figured out themselves not to be touched by anyone especially by the black. Taking all this chauvinistic gesture for granted, they tried to scramble Africa, and Italy was provided with Ethiopia at Berlin conference held to lot nations. In the end, the unthinkable made possible and the invaders had withdrawn swallowing a morsel of demise. Ethiopia had thus disproved all the fictitious rhetoric via communicating them in the language they can understand.

As of that time on, most Ethiopians have been commemorating the Victory of Adwa and passing the legacy of the historic incidence to the generations. Many are heard of saying that annually commemorating the Victory of Adwa has nothing to do with bringing about meaningful differences unless we always walk the talk and develop firm commitment and fraternity to replicate the bounties of the victory over poverty, corruption and maladministration.

As it is of significantly useful in making many well aware of their countries’ history in general and about the grand historical epoch in particular, Adwa is all the time remembered since it has contributed a lot to the effort geared towards independence and creating self-sufficient Ethiopia in all aspects. This bold move has badly required firm and unwavering relations of all citizens because they are expected to be committed to inflexibly alter mind set up and consolidate harmony and amicable move to have a well-developed motherland—Ethiopia!

Cognizant of all this fact, this writer approached a cross section of society as much as possible. Having a stay with The , Martha Kidus, 12th grader, said: “The Victory of Adwa has come up with a range of bounties for Ethiopia and Ethiopians. In the first place, it has provided the country with a great prestige. The respect it has been given helps it have wider place in the world arena.”

Second, she added, Ethiopians all over the world have confidently spoken about their freedom and their country as well as proud of being Ethiopians since their country has come at the forefront in the fight against discrimination and human race disparity which Europeans in particular and the whites in general had orchestrated to merely quench selfish thirst.

Third, as to Martha, Ethiopia’s wealth from corner to corner is utilized by citizens themselves as resources have not been exploited illegally and vehemently as those of colonized nations.

Ethiopians prevail over their foes and even historical enemies whoever they might be and wherever they are from only if they come up with well-founded unity like what their forefathers and foremothers did during the Battle of Adwa.

Another person whom this newspaper talked to is Mastewal Gobena. He said that Ethiopia is extraordinarily endowed with a range of tangible and intangible heritages.

As to Mastewal, the unity of citizens has to be well consolidated irrespective of political stance, ideology, political affiliation, religious sect and tribal prejudice if everybody would like to have a developed country.

He said, “As the Adwa Victory has turned the story of the world upside down, the battle is far from a simple fight narrative. I am proud of my forefathers and foremothers as they passed down a respected nation paying all what was expected of them and laying the foundation for a unified nation. However, we have never known what to do as many of us have blown to the direction anti-Ethiopia elements’ wind,” he said.

As to him, there are a number of fictitious patterns and conspiracies especially to get the two nationals with huge number of population—Oromo and Amhara—rivalry lifelong, which is an ill-intended mission. “I am from Oromo speaking community, for example, but I am always thinking of my country since I know that everything is carried out in a country though we have differences.”

As Ethiopians in particular and all black people of the world in general celebrate the 126th anniversary of the Victory of Adwa, we must be able to treasure that Adwa is first and foremost and above all about unity, it is a miraculous impetus granting Africa with pride and respect.

Mastewal further said that it is about how an amalgamated people even without any professional training, in the absence of sophisticated weapon, fancied artilleries won the battle. True, what matters is courage, love of nation and firm commitment to sacrifice for an eternal cause not carrying state-of–the–art artillery, to defeat foes for good. Everything be it modern armament, missile, or aircraft can be bought using money, but it is unthinkable to purchase bravery, courage and bold spirit. Hence, the secret behind Ethiopians’ victory over aggressor armed to its teeth using traditional ammunitions traveling on barefoot is patriotism. Hence, the first symbolism of Adwa is unity and heroism.

Mastewal also said that the response of the people, the enthusiasm, and the commitment to show all the courage and prowess necessary to face the challenges of traveling for hundreds of kilometers out front, mainly with their own provisions and whatever weapons they were able to secure, was absolutely unheard bravery. Without a shadow of doubt, there are many elements which are busy plotting to sow divisions among Ethiopians over various narratives of alleged internal oppression of one group over others. We all have to take care of such futile attempts since approaches like this do risk Ethiopians to be disintegrated and give free ride to their enemies.

The reason why our enemies invest so much to sow division amongst Ethiopians is that they have known a united Ethiopia is irresistible, invincible. Henceforth, their unremitting effort must be shunned and lay off by the united arm of Ethiopians of all walks of life.

Mohammed Tahir is another person whom this writer approached for comment about the benefits Ethiopia and Ethiopians can garner out of the Adwa Victory. He said, “For our forefathers and foremothers then defending the sovereignty of the country was a sufficient cause that would warrant their immediate change of status from ordinary farmers to ferocious combatants.”

As to him, the issue of the unity of Ethiopians for one cause without division and divergence putting aside all the intestinal arguments or disputes had been the key behind the categorical victory of Ethiopia.

“Europeans especially those who invaded Ethiopia knew that victory would be theirs if Ethiopians were disintegrated and thought scattered. However, Ethiopians in turn comprehended that they had no choice but to put every agenda or issue aside and come together to shield against the enemy’s attack,” he added.

Not only is Adwa a symbol of unity but it is also an emblem of resistance to any form of invasion and a badge of love for freedom, independence and national pride.

As to Mohammed, Ethiopians may have many issues on which they may not agree. It is inevitable and natural too. But they have never lost the bigger picture of preserving the sovereignty of their country.

“If we do not have a free country, we will not even have the space to quarrel, disagree and stage disputes. We will be devoid of plot to get buried. The main thing is that everything, whether good or bad, needs a well-structured nation. Yes, we can narrow down all the resentments and rivalry and come to the right track via avoiding meaningless differences. No one can come and act accordingly to push Ethiopia forward,” he said.

Mohammed said there should be a decisive message for the existing generation of Ethiopia who need to bring their grudges to the frontline employing issues of narrow nationalism in the form of ethnic and language differences or religious disparities. The mission of anti-peace elements has to be well dried and we all have to be well aware of their tricks and create new developed Ethiopia!

“We all know that an assortment of peoples and cultures compose our country, but this should not be factor for fighting one another instead it is a mosaic that magnifies our beauty and all citizens have to celebrate the diversity in equality and justice,” Mohammed underlined.

All Ethiopians must indeed above all be ready to reject all sorts of provocations emanate from within or come from outside to tell all enemies of Ethiopia as they cannot fight and win against the people of Ethiopia, he said.

Undeniably, many are working round the clock to see disintegrated Ethiopia like some world countries vanished following orchestrated conspiracies. Since the animosities between and among citizens have only resulted in violence, deaths, destruction and displacement of millions, Ethiopians have to work hard to get all sources of wrong deeds dried for good.

“Yes, Ethiopians would never allow their country being dismantled; or they would not commit betrayal of the ideals and sacrifices of their forefathers who did not hesitate to die for the survival of Ethiopia and its independence,” he underlined.

The March 5/2022

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