Spectacular grant events in the wake of military victory

 Ethiopia’s time-tested statehood experience is proven in its capability of enhancing peace and stability in a shorter period of time despite a series of provocations from internal and external traitors. Countries in Africa and other countries in far-off places have practically benefitted from this wealth of experience.

Ethiopian Timket, a UNESCO-registered outdoor event that is attended by millions of celebrants throughout the country, had taken place peacefully this week to testify the nation’s potential in handling such grand events in the wake of a military victory over a terrorist group that has its paymasters overseas.

Though the reasons vary according to the nature of the security problems, terrorist groups usually put the Horn of Africa is turbulence, we can take Alshabab as a showcase that has remained a constant problem to Somalia. Its atrocious acts are not, however, limited to Somalia. It has threatened the peace and security of citizens in the neighboring countries of Somalia. Commendably, Ethiopia could divert the threat via deploying its peacekeeping forces under the umbrella of African Union Mission to Somalia (AMISOM). Ethiopia’s presence in such places makes a visible difference.

The war currently waged by the terrorist TPLF against Ethiopia aimed at destabilizing the country that forced the government to engage in a full-fledged war to protect the nation’s sovereignty is the most severe conflict the country has ever experienced. The nature of the war is quite different. It has fought with internal force that attacked own military comrades. It has fought with entity that was in the helm of government for twenty seven years. The clique in Mekele had taken the advantage of its position to accumulate ample of armaments and train combatants in bulk.

Driven by its arrogance character, the group attacked the Northern Command of the National Defense Force in the early November of 2020. Though the group had upper hand in armaments and in the number of combatants at the time, the Ethiopian government could defend its sovereignty mobilizing the entire community and chased the group out of its base, Mekelle, in a short period of time.

Following the withdrawal of the Ethiopian forces from Mekelle declaring a unilateral humanitarian ceasefire, the terrorist group obtained another chance to expand invasion to the adjacent regions of Amhara and Afar that caused mass killing of civilians, destruction and looting of property. This time also the Ethiopian government reorganized its army and made counter attack and become victorious within only two weeks, and even less.

This victory again bears witness that the government’s capability to restore the nation’s peace and stability swiftly, foiling foreigners’ unfounded predictions. As the peace and stability is traceable, thousands of Ethiopian Diasporas and friends of Ethiopia put trust when being part of the Great Diaspora Homecoming Challenge responding to the call by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD).

Likewise, Ethiopia contributed a lot in peacekeeping activities under the blue helmet mission of AU and UN peacekeeping forces when neighboring countries encountered internal conflicts. In all cases of such kind, the Ethiopian army could restore peace and stability successfully and received reputation for its disciplined character and friendly approach to the surrounding people.

Coupled with historical background, these successes convinced African leaders to decide conducting AU summit in Addis Ababa few days later despite challenges from some countries.

In addition to wise decisions of the government and the successes that follow, the solidarity among Ethiopian people also serves as a great asset for the lasting peace and stability regardless of religious plurality. The participation of the Muslim community in the celebration of Timket from cleaning meadows where the Tabots and the congregation pass the night up to escorting the Tabots to their pariah is a manifestation of religious co-existence that is nowhere seen. This shows that the people of Ethiopia are not only religious ones, but have transcended to true believers of the creator.

The January 20/2022

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