State demands over 1.3 million quintals food grains for IDPs


ADDIS ABABA – Amhara State Disaster Prevention and Food Security Programs Coordination Commission announced that over 1.3 million quintals of food grains is needed every month to support the Internally Displaced People (IDPs) in the state.

Having a stay with The Ethiopian Press Agency(EPA), the Commission’s Public Relations Head Eyasu Mesfin said that there are 11.6 million people demanding active assistance in the state. Of the total number of needy, 9.3 million citizens are exposed to lack of medicine and food and 2.3 million citizens are displaced due to the cause of terrorist TPLF war.

According to the Head, the government covers 70 percent of assistance and the rest covered by non-governmental institutions to address the hurtled citizens. “The terrorist TPLF is the cause of over 9.3 million people suffering to sever food and medicine shortages in the previously invaded areas,” he noted.

The Head further stated that the terrorist TPLF has continued committing crime against humanity in areas like Abergelie, North Wollo, and others through firing heavy artillery guns. Following this attack, massive citizens are still being displaced to save their lives.

Currently, the displaced people have been obtaining the assistant from government and non-governmental institutions whilst this supporting will continue until the displaced people will back to their homes and lead a normal life. The state has been carrying out different activities to realize this especially via employing integrated agriculture and natural resource conservation thereby making the local community food self-sufficient, the head emphasized.

The March 13/2022

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