State launches new tourism map to boost tourism earnings


ADDIS ABABA – Oromia State Culture and Tourism Bureau stated that it has launched new tourist map displaying tourist destination sites in rural and urban area special way in a bid to attract enormous visitors.

Bureau Head, Seada Usman told The that the bureau is diligently workingto help the state in particular and the nation in general tap the blessed and virgin natural resources found in every direction.

She further stated that the tourist maps enable the state’s urban and rural areas to be the main touristepicenter in the nation, and the newly launched tourist map is easy, accessibleand digitally applicable one.

“The new tourist map is of paramount importance in benefitting the state as it helps secure great deal of revenue and clearly depicts tourist site in a modern way and tour operators would also get benefit from it.”

The sector hadn’t receive due attention earlier since it didn’t use websites and other digital means to well introduce tourist destinations, but now the new tourist map peculiarly considers the current EthiopianGreatHomeComing scenario, as to her.

Furthermore, the new tourist map tells everyone wherethe main tourist destinationis located, their distance and what type of roadis present there as well as it provides visitors and guests with full informationabout the place they would like to go, she noted.

According to her,neighboring states people to people linkage has been well facilitating,  income out of tourism has been reinforced as the tourism sector is regarded as the reflection of citizens’ togetherness. The launched tourist map project prepared by Ethiopian Geospatial Information Institute costs 1.5 million Birr, she noted.

The January 5/2022

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