Strengthening internal harmony achieves durable solutions : Scholars


ADDIS ABABA—The unity and societal harmony that Ethiopians are entertaining right now needs to be scaled up to the next level of success in a bid to help the nation come up with a meaningful difference in various aspects, so stated scholars.

Having a stay with local media, AAU information science school instructor, Melaku Girma (PhD) said that though the chaos and turmoil created in countries are most of the time triggered by internal factions and subversives as well as foreign elements, lasting solution can solely be devised by consolidating internal unity and fraternity.

He further said that all these circumstances are witnessed in Africa. There are countries in the continent which are dismantled following the evil deeds of the aforesaid bodies. Equally, there are nations which have saved themselves from destruction and maintain their integrity and citizens harmony.

“It is obvious that Ethiopia is one of the countries which have faced a number of problems, and it can draw important lessons from countries like Rwanda as the latter does have a strong leader—Paul Kagame. When he was defamed in a coordinated manner, he didn’t even kneel down as the general public has stood with him.

Likely Ethiopia’s leaders have to strengthen their relations with the society. The togetherness of all walks of life with Abiy Ahmed is a very good example in this regard. Ensuring peace and stability, taking criminals before court and other necessary steps can help the nation overcome all ups and downs, indeed.”

As all the people have been with the leadership, Ethiopia is in a position to come up with relative serenity. This promising outcome needs to be pushed to the next level of success. Though the entire society can play a paramount role in furling the march against intervention, imposition and others, scholars can do more in this regard. For instance, they can contribute to their country through doing workable researches, devising possible solutions to the problems, coming up with national solutions and other relatedremedies, he stated.

He also said that researchers are expected to reveal the reality supporting with facts and figures to well introduce the rest of the world about Ethiopia and its truth.

Melaku further said that the government has to well strengthen its ties with its allies such as China, India, Russia and others with a view to beefing up social, economic and political benefits, and counter balancing the influence of the U.S. and the West.

AAU mechanical and industrial school associate Professor Kassu Jilcha on his part said that scholars can soothe the widely propagated futile attempts and anti-people and anti-country moves by raising the awareness of the public about issues under discussion.

“Scholars can find solutions to the problems exhibiting which are vices and which are virtues; we have to devise possible solutions to the problems via listening to the heartbeats of the society. Doing researches which are capable of finding solutions by raising awareness of the society at all walks of life, the business community, societal representatives, should come to the forefront when researchers work is dealt with.”

As to the associate professor, scholars or researchers are expected to sort out the causes of problems, procedures and possible mechanisms targeting at addressing hurdles via formulating lasting solutions. Their works can help mend the damaged institutions using local resources such as stone, easily found materials by converting the existing assets to the next level of progress.

The February 3/2022

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