T-TPLF taken people of Tigray hostage for genocide, famine mantra

The Terrorist TPLF (T-TPLF) seems to have finished its entire means to confront against the Ethiopian united forces after the recent huge defeat it sustained, and it has confined itself to the Tigray region only. This terrorizing force has used weapons and firing powers, that it hid in different places in the past three decades. It has used the trojan of western countries’ propaganda machinery: the gigantic newspapers like the New York Times and the likes, TV channels (CNN, BBC, Algezira), social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook). It has used the symbiosis relationships that it has built for over three decades with international organizations like WFP, USAID, OCHA, WHO, and many other UN organizations. It has also maximized its influence using the personalities/elites in the upper echelon of the western world (Suzan Rice, Samantha Power, and the likes). Even it has used scholars who mostly reside in Europe. In all these, it has optimized its influence using the billions of dollars it stole from the people of Ethiopia in the past 30 years. However, all these schemes used are fading away for TPLF as time goes by.

The hope of attaining what it wants is fading away too.

For starters, their ambition was/is unhealthy: destroy one country, which they call it empire, stunningly to build another empire, called the greater Tigray. Total illusion! Having such an egoistic dream is like falling from an airplane from 3000ft above, without the prospect of landing in a safe place. As shown in the epic fantasy adventure film series, The Lord of the Rings, the evil power Sauron, used many of its resources in its endeavor to rule the middle earth. But the unity of other people came to crash his crazy desire. This is what is happening for a Marxist and Leninist ideology-infested political force TPLF. Soon the Ethiopian version of Sauron is disappearing. But it has taken the people of Tigray hostage before it disappears from the face of the country. How? Let us provide a few justifications for our position.

Tigray People are held hostage for Genocide narrative

They try to deceive the rest of the world that they are the minorities in the country and they are facing extinction. Genocide is happening to them. This is a LIE! Let us provide one fact. In Ethiopia, there are more than 90 socio-linguistic communities in Ethiopia. Statistics shows that the number of Tigrian people is the fourth largest in Ethiopia, with Oromo, Amhara and Somali being the largest ones standing first-third in that order. For any person with a sane mind, only three ethnic groups are greater in proportion than the Tigrayan ethnicity in Ethiopia. Even in Tigray, there are three ethnic groups: the Tigrayan, Irob, and Kunama people. There are more than 86 ethnic groups that have a lower proportion than the ethnic group where TPLF comes from. They never CRY that they are disappearing like TPLFites CRY at the WORLD stage. But they used the TIGRAY GENOCIDE CONSTRUCT to get the attention of the world. The western world was conspiring with them also. They have allowed them to run free without accountability for three decades. They feel guilty to abandon their monster, the TPLFites.

The TPLFites relate their genocide history with two known events in the world: the genocide on the Jews during the previous world war times, and the Rwanda genocide that happened to members of the Tutsi minority ethnic group, as well as some moderate Hutu and Twa. To convince the world, they always try to get some evidence. They actually crave attention, and Genocide is one means to get it. They make traps repeatedly for the government forces to make mistakes so that they have the data to persuade the world that they are facing decimation. We can list dozens of such narratives and we have reported them before, and we will not repeat it here.

During the last defeat in the Afar region and Amhara region, they had taken corpses of thousands of their dead soldiers to Tigray. They accumulated it in some places and they prepared a drama that the government forces massacred during the time the government forces stayed in Tigray around a year ago. It is a sad event that all these young people were forced to march to death by marching into the Amhara and Afar regions with a lot of destruction of these regions. But TPLF will use even this loss for its advantage. They will never stop using the GENOCIDE narrative again and again. Watch the space. Hence, the people of Tigray are hijacked by these forces for continuing Genocide narratives.

Tigray People are held hostage for the Famine narrative

Another method of the TPLFites is that they have taken the people of Tigray as their hostage for their FAMINE mantra. Remember, they use the famine narrative to get money from the west around 40 years ago to defeat the Derg regime. Since then they have never stopped craving for it. During their 27 year narrative, they had documents that 1.8 million people in the region were in constant aid dependence. You cannot deceive the world by simply claiming that there is a famine-like situation in the region, you must prove it with verifiable evidence. They know this very well. They used to avoid projects that will solve the real problems of the people. Even now, that is why they are doing everything for food aid not to come to Tigray. The recent war and gun shelling on the main road, Abala the Afar city 49 km from Mekelle, where the only food aid is coming to Tigray, shows that. This means the people are held hostage by TPLF for famine narrative too.

Even when food aid comes to the region, it is controlled by them and rationed according to their strategy. Anyone who wants to eat food has to listen to what these evil leaders order them to do. Also if food aid comes to the region in abundance then the people will ask other human rights questions in the region. For example, the Tigray people will ask the whereabouts of their children who are deceased during the war, may ask or other basic rights. But they do not want the people to be free. They have told them the false narrative of siege in four directions. They have controlled the people with FEAR. It is like creating sham fearsome situation and presenting oneself as the exclusive savior. If any person in Tigray asks a different question, they will be intimidated by questions like: “Are you not a true Tigrian?” Why are you asking such a question? The people are expected to show 100% loyalty to their ethnicity and the ideology of the communist party. That is how they are held hostage and hijacked.

Breaking free- with the help

Imagine a scenario where the people of Tigray break free from the 46-year influence of the only political ideological force in the region. It solves all the problems in the region. If the people of Tigray rebel against their corrupted leaders, they will destroy TPLF forever. TPLF cease to be a burden for Tigray people. But the question is how can they break free without help? Of course, the government tries again and again for the people to break free by themselves as the rest of Ethiopia did. This was shown when the national forces took Mekelle in November 2020 and tried to assist set up a new administration. However, the people were not able to break free from the bondage of TPLF. […].

The government forces are not entering the Tigray region for the same reason again. The people have got a chance to think again. They can break free. But they need help! Can the international people help the people of Tigray? Not the way they did so far. Can the western system stop assisting the criminals in holding hostage the Tigrean people? How long we will the western world allow such atrocity to be on the people of Tigray? Why are they not deciding for TPLF to disappear from the planet? Just ignore listening to their lies and cunning famine and genocide narratives. They will disappear. We mean the political organization or party cease to exist. It will choke up. The people will raise against it. That will bring an end to this cancer in the region.

Tigray needs fresh air to breathe. Disarm TPLF! DISBAND TPLF. #Nomore TPLF in Tigray region, in Ethiopia, in the Horn of Africa. Let peace down on the troubled Horn of Africa again (HoA). Hands of Ethiopia! Hands of HoA!

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