Tedros’ probe decision postponement unacceptable, immoral


ADDIS ABABA—Scholars have contended that WHO’s attempt of ‘setting aside,’ Ethiopia’s request to investigate its Director General for his misconduct is unacceptable and must be condemned.

In an article he wrote entitled, “The WHO’s Disrespect of Ethiopia’s Envoy Must Be Condemned,” Moscow-based American political analyst, Andrew Korybko stated that WHO Director General, Tedros Adhanom (PhD) has arguably violated WHO’s code of conduct as he coordinated hybrid war targeting at destabilizing his homeland, he tacitly and expressly assists terrorist TPLF, deliberately ignored the huge health facilities destruction, lied about medical equipment merely to defame the Ethiopian government as well as obstacles the investigation process.

Similarly, Tedros has opened a smear campaign against Ethiopia to cover terrorist crimes via spreading fake news to mislead the world as if TPLF is a victim. The impunity that the WHO gives Tedros in spite of documented evidence of his misconduct is an example of neo-imperialism and injustice against Ethiopia, Andrew noted.

Ethio-American Development Council (EADC) has thus backed the idea stating that the way of corruption, cover up, and whistleblower silencing are norms at the UN. Now, WHO is blocking an investigation of Tedros for his alleged involvement with TPLF and their armed insurrection in Ethiopia #NoMore #Reform WHO #Remove Tedros and #Disarm TPLF.

Multilateral Diplomacy, UN Peace and World Humanitarian Operations, have particularly focused on Conflict in Africa, over the past 35 years, BerhanemeskelNega on his part said that this isn’t over yet. The AU candidature committee can take a position, and come up with an alternative or agreed candidate.

Assistant professor (PhD candidate) at Panjab University, UBS, TesfayeGedyon said UN Geneva has gone left, it has become biased and inclined to cover up rather than fixing issues as genuinely as possible.

Meanwhile, it is clear that WHO is not wholeheartedly accepting Ethiopia’s truth request to investigate the situation. Therefore, it is unacceptable, injustice, and must be condemned, it was cited.

The January 26/2022

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