Terrorist enterprise uses rape as weapon of revenge: Victims


ADDIS ABABA – Dozens of women in Nifas Mewcha were raped by mass of (TPLF) terrorist fighters, thus the thugs have been accused of using mass rape as a weapon of revenge, BreakThrough (BT)News reported.

Residents told BT that they endured gruesome atrocities during the nine days when the TPLF terrorist groups occupied the town. Dozens of women reported being gang raped at gunpoint, and sometimes in front of their children, according to the victims.

“One of them picked up my daughter and said they would rape her but I begged them to leave her alone. They didn’t care that my daughter was there. They raped me in front of her. My daughter saw the whole thing. One was choking her and holding her while the other raped me.”

Victim’s daughter was crying. One would have his gun on them while the other took turns. When they first came to victims’ house, three of them raped her, she said  adding: “They first removed my two daughter; one is 10 years old, and the other, two and half year old. They came back again another day. It is really difficult to talk about it but he closed the door and raped me while holding a machete to me and God brought me out alive. And then the other one came. I begged him. I pleaded with him not to do  it again.”

Survivors all said they endured verbal abuse from the TPLF, pointing to a broader pattern of bigotry and using rape as a weapon of revenge. They said they came to kill the Amharas. They would draw their guns to intimidate; the victims said adding they insult you in so many ways. After they rape you; they spit on you. “I was telling them I was 7 months pregnant. They told me it is none of their concern whether an Amhara has a baby or not. When the TPLF invaded, the women described systematic looting.”

The women also described physical and psychological wounds that may never heal. Her abdomen is still in unbearable pain. Her bladder doesn’t work and she has sharp pain when she walk besides she said “I feel like a dead person already even though I am dressed and walking. My daughter is traumatized. I still have not received medical treatment. I was stabbed with a knife by one the men. It is been agonizing. The fear these women live under was made all the more

The January 11/2022

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