Terrorist stooges targeting age-old ties

The name ‘Ethiopia’ has always a special meaning and feeling for the Ethiopian Diaspora community residing across the globe. Especially, since the past three years, the unprecedented unity and togetherness created among the local people and the Diaspora community has gained momentum and their involvement in the political, social and economic affairs of their homeland has grown dramatically.

These days, unlike the previous years, at all platforms where the name of Ethiopia is raised; or at all stages where the issue of the country is entertained the voice of the Diaspora community resonates unreservedly and thunderously across the globe. In addition to many other platforms, the “Hands Off Ethiopia” and the “#NoMore” movements testify this reality.

On both movements, Ethiopian Diasporas have shown their unity and togetherness with their homeland through standing as one, being voice for their brothers and sisters at home; and opposing the unwarranted interventions of the US and its allies on Ethiopia’s internal affairs.

Not only that, but the Diasporas have also been showing their unity and belongingness to their fellow citizens through involving in reconstruction and rehabilitation activities in war affected areas. They have also endeavored to lessen the burden of hard currency; and partake in various development activities; mainly targeting to revive the economy affected by the pandemic and the terrorist TPLF group.

However, currently the US Government with the aim to discourage the Diasporas from taking part in the political, economic and social life of their home country and stop them from supporting country’s development endeavors, is attempting to play its last card- to impose new sanctions on Ethiopia.

Last Friday, February 4, 2022, a bill that aims to initiate sanctions on Ethiopia was drafted by Congressman Malinowski of New Jersey. The draft sanctions entitled “Ethiopia Stabilization, Peace and a Democracy Act” (HR 6600), urged to impose the harshest sanctions against Ethiopia.

Oddly, aside from the government of Ethiopia and its people, the draft has targeted the Diaspora community which has been working untiringly to backing Ethiopia in every single way. As it is learned, the bill is set to penalize the Ethiopian diaspora and allies of Ethiopia for supporting the people of Ethiopia, whether it is financially or subject matter experts keen to share knowledge and expertise.

Incontrovertibly, the Ethiopian Government has been exerting its level best to support the people of Tigray and sustain peace and security throughout the country. Concurrently, it is persistently struggling to restore and rehabilitate facilities and infrastructures damaged by the repetitive deliberate attacks of the rebel’s faction.

The most surprising and perplexing thing is that those entities who are working attentively to criticize the government of Ethiopia and put more pressure could not see the crimes of the terrorist group and try to make it accountable for the inhumane crimes it committed.

Ignoring the recurring aggressions it inflicted on Amhara and Afar states; and closing eyes to the deaths and sufferings of thousands of innocent civilians by the renewed attacks of the rebels group, the Congress has drafted heavy-handed bill that never takes the reality on Ethiopia into account.

As witnessed from the experiences of other countries, sanctions, be it political, economic or diplomatic will not yield the desired effects except disrupting the peace and security of Ethiopians; and crippling the economic development of the country. The unusual move of setting a bill that prevents and penalizes the Diaspora community in Ethiopia’s development efforts could not bear any good rather than harming the economy.

Thus, those representatives that are working to mislead Pres. Biden Administration should stop their wicked plots. The centuries’ old EthioUS ties must not be traded to lavish personal benefits.

Irresponsible persons who have been risking their own country’s peace and security through working with clandestine elements should not be allowed to misguide the administration.

The Ethiopian   16 February  2022

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