Terrorist TPLF acts against Ethiopian civilization :Jeff Pearce



ADDIS ABABA—Terrorist TPLF group attempted to eliminate Ethiopian culture and values those emblems of civilization by destroying infrastructures, religion institutions, offices and the like, so remarked Journalist, Historian, and Author.

Sharing his observation with local media, the Journalist, Historian and Author Jeff Pearce said that the terrorist TPLF’s destructive acts are similar with that of fascist organization as both targeted at destroying and holding progress back.

According to Jeff, the terrorist TPLF damaged infrastructures, churches, mosques, different offices in Lalibla town, North Wolo zones of Amhara state. Besides, the group committed gang raped, killed a number of innocent civilians and looted immeasurable property. For example, in Laliblela town there is no running water, food, light, power, and Wi-Fi options in the invasion.

Jeff has also talked to priests and they said, “Unlike the situation in other invaded areas, Lalibela town, all the relics have been safe and the manuscripts are saved in Rock -Hewn –Church; hence nothing makes people worry in this regard.”

However, the Amhara Professionals Association actually wrote to UNESCO months ago urging them to have a look at the damaged heritages as they themselves are expected to watch it since it is a world heritage site. It also quested saying, ‘Why don’t you monitor actions and at least condemn terrorist’s deeds on world heritage?”

Likewise, various mosques in the Afar and Amhara states are being desecrated and destroyed but UNESCO did not say anything about it. So, where is UNESCO as a World outrage protector when the  terrorist TPLF committed crimes? The terrorist group also destroyed churches and monasteries reputedly but either the UNESCO or the international community have turned blind eye and a deaf ear, simply they have kept quiet.

Although the UN has adequate information about the crimes the terrorist TPLF committed many crimes in various areas of Amhara and Afar states, it has not been willing to expose the reality on the ground including the West–led media. Surprisingly, when the terrorist group forcibly recruited child soldiers in Tigray, UN has shown a positive gesture instead of condemning the evil act against humanity.

TPLF raided and vandalized warehouses and vehicles so far when invaded Lalibela town. As a result, residents of Llalibela town have still led life in difficult situations. Therefore, he called on the Diaspora community to visit the villages and try to restore the area.

Jeff also noted that Ethiopia should obtain Permanent Seat at UN Security Council, because a country has never been colonized and carried out fair, free, and credible election recently. Simply, Africa needs permanent seat in the UNSC to realize their common interest.

The January 15/2022

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