Terrorist TPLF chooses war to survive against Ethiopia


ADDIS ABABA- Considering active conflict as the only way to remain survive, the terrorist TPLF sticks with belligerence to keep the populace in a state of constant fear and paranoia, a well-acclaimed political critic said.

In his Twitter post, the political critic Addis Qnie stated that TPLF, which is backed by formidable western allies, failed to control Addis and apparently lost their unreserved support. “With thousands sacrificed with nothing shown in return, the faction is stuck between a rock and a hard place.”

With that in mind, TPLF will do all it can to keep the war going. After another round of conscription, the rebellious group has been getting ready to launch an all-out attack against Amhara and Afar. “This time, the primary or at least the initial focus seems to be Afar. After all, Abala is very close to Mekelle and their supply line will not be overstretched as it was in North Shewa.”

 TPLF knows that if Abala remains open, with aid flowing in freely, there will be little or no appetite for Tigray  people to join its ranks or not turn against it. By attacking Abala, the radical element is trying to maintain its only remaining big fabrications alive, the critic elaborated.

As to him, TPLF has no intention of negotiating with the government of Ethiopia because there are no incentives for it to do so. Leaders of the outlawed clique have no regret about sacrificing as many Tigray youth as needed and their system is one that converts these sacrifices into having more time for their system of oppression.

Addis, who is a medical doctor by profession, further highlighted that it is only reasonable to expect the attack on Afar is only the beginning. It is very likely that TPLF will launch offensives on multiple fronts to try and drag the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) into Tigray.

Once ENDF is in Tigray, TPLF would use it as an opportunity to stock the fire of resistance among ordinary Tigray and also smear the government of Ethiopia with the help of their friends in the media and UN organizations, he remarked.

The January 29/2022

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