Terrorist TPLF continues its military adventurism in Afar

ADDIS ABABA—Afar People Party stated that terrorist TPLF has continued blocking humanitarian aid routes, attacking innocent civilians in Afar using heavy artillery and exacerbating problems at the time when the government of Ethiopia is preferring peace talks to war.

In his telephone conversation with local media , Afar People Party Head Musa Adem said the terrorist group has reinvaded Megale, Abala and its environs, blocked humanitarian aid routes towards Tigray state merely to employ hunger and social chaos as war.

“The terrorist leftovers are seriously attacking innocent civilians in Afar, Abala and others using heavy firearms at the time when the government is willing to pursue peace process with all concerned in the country and it is working hard on ensuring peace via conducting inclusive national reconciliation,” he stated.

Putting the peace effort exerted by the government through releasing political prisoners, he said, terrorist TPLF is highly wagging war in Afar and Amhara states merely to make Ethiopia weak and hold its journey towards development prosperity back.

He said, “The people of Tigray and Afar states have had long-lasting relations, fraternity and inestimable neighborhood. However, the terrorist group is simply running to quench its power thirst and hit the ill-intended mission it has developed for years, which is impossible and unacceptable at all.”

He further said that as the terrorist leftovers have blocked the route to Tigray at Afar border, the humanitarian aid is not right now delivered to northern Afar let alone to Tigray state. This is a clear manifestation of Terrorist group’s irresponsibleness deep rooted hostility against its own people.

He further said it is well known that the people of Afar and Amhara have been suffering from the atrocious act of the terrorist group. Hence, this situation has to end up somewhere, and the combined effort of all is badly needed these days and the government has to be well committed to give the war lasting solutions thereby providing Ethiopians particulary those living in the three states, Tigray, Afar and Amhara with a sigh of relief.



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