Terrorist TPLF demise guarantees durable peace in Ethiopia: Scholar



ADDIS ABABA – The terrorist TPLF complete demise is the only means for ensuring a durable peace in Ethiopia as the group never believes in negotiation and power sharing, according to a philosophy scholar.

Dayton University Philosophy Prof. Messay Kebede told local media that the criminal clique does not believe in power sharing and negotiation and its only quest is to grab political power by any means. The current conflict with the federal government is the result of TPLF’s phobia of negotiation and power sharing and it is evident that leaders of the radical element have been mobilizing forces since 2018.

The academician further highlighted that TPLF leaders repeatedly rejected the federal government’s attempt to resolve the disagreement peacefully and rebuffed religious and community leaders that went to Tigray for negotiation. The situation showcases the faction’s deeply ingrained phobia for dialogue.

This also shows that TPLF always wants to achieve its goals through war rather than negotiation. Negotiation with the TPLF would never bear fruit as the clique usually pretends to support talks as a tactic to buy time for remobilization, rearming and regrouping as well as gathering foreign support for its rigid goals, Messay added.

“In my understanding the complete demise of the group is the only way to maintain peace and security of the country.

The Ethiopian      January   18/2022

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