Terrorist TPLF destroys Dessie Referral hospital: GETFACT


ADDIS ABABA – GETFACT has reported that the terrorist TPLF has caused horrific damage upon Dessie Referral Hospital and made over 80% of the hospital out of use thereby hurting a number of citizens of South Wolo zone of Amhara state as well as that of neighboring Afar.

Speaking to GETFACT, Hospital Medical Director, Dr. Haymanot Ayele said as the overall damage of the hospital is estimated to be more than 80 percent, its service provision for 10 million citizens a year from Amhara and Afar states is dramatically compromised.

“This could mean the terrorist TPLF has directly affected more than 8,000,000 people in relation with the damage. In this regard, out of the 8 million people, over 5 million people are at stake due to lack of medicine, diagnostics, and other dependable services. For instance, in ICU and surgical facility all ventilators, CT seen machine, x-ray machine, surgical operative table, laboratory equipment, surgical instrument, sterilizers drapes, gowns, gloves are entirely damaged.”

 According to Haymanot, as all urgent surgical operations are deferred in the hospital, critically ill patients will most likely die.

Likewise, plastic Surgery department, neurology surgery, orthopedic surgery, and trauma surgery are completely destroyed by the terrorist group. The terrorist TPLF also purposely destroyed all ultrasound, Doppler, and other necessary equipment to make sure its ill-intended mission that Amhara and Afar mothers do not give birth safely. Besides, the terrorist TPLF destroyed a temperature sensitive medicine and vaccine amounting to over 2.6 billion Birr (53 million USD) in the hospital. It also plundered thousands of medications estimated to cost billions.

The January 8/202

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