Terrorist TPLF has no moral or political ground to celebr

When it comes to the barbaric bonanza of terrorist TPLF, the facts on the ground speak for themselves. For over 30 years, the people of Tigray have been surviving through relief and safety-net programs while the children of the leadership are enjoying a lavish life in foreign lands being nourished by the funds snatched from the people of Ethiopia.

This terrorist organization vowed in the name of democracy and self-determination but sowed total discord, destitution and sprit of animosity against the people of Ethiopia lecturing the people of Tigray that Ethiopians and Ethiopia are their enemy.

For over year, the terrorist waged a total war on the people of Ethiopia from within with the external support of some neighboring countries and the west.

This resulted in the most meaningless and savage sacrifice of close to half a million citizens in Tigray who reportedly perished at the battle field. In is interesting to recall that this terrorist organization which used children as a cannon fodder “did not know what has happened to them” trying to even criminalize the deceased innocent child soldiers who were forced into war.

Terrorist TPLF massacred thousands of civilians in Amhara, Afar and Northern Shoa zone. It conducted proxy wars in Oromia, SNNPR, Ethiopia Somali, region and Gambela.

Is there any reason for this terrorist organization to celebrate its founding? Does terrorist TPLF wish to celebrate its own violations of human rights and crimes against humanity? What is there to celebrate when the UN itself has reported that this terrorist organization has deliberately obstructed safe delivery of food to the people of Tigray subjecting them to untold famine and destitution? It terrorist TPLF celebrating its unsuccessful attempt to destroy Ethiopia by mobilizing anti-Ethiopian riff raffs and ruffians? What is there to celebrate except for the preparation that terrorist TPLF is making to cruise to hell? Forty eight solid years after the organization claimed it is formed, the people of Tigray have gained nothing from this terrorist collection of thugs led by absent minded demagogues? Terrorist TPLF is indeed a parasite on its own people which it has continued to disrespect.

It is almost more than 30 years since the so called revolutionary democracy has collapsed but remained embraced by the homegrown terrorists. Regrettably enough, today world politics is abandoning the quest

for global internationalism among nations and is turning to extreme nationalism and chauvinism as well as total exclusiveness among nations. Globalization is under threat of collapse and the world economy is trending into the most unpredictable situation.

Terrorist TPLF leaders and bragging about revolutionary democracy while they have in fact totally replaced revolution with ethnic based feudal conservatism and democracy into totalitarian demagogy turning Tigray into a hell on earth in which thousands die to keep the Tigrian elite leadership on power.

Therefore, is there anything for which Yekatit 11 is to be celebrated. None indeed. There is nothing for which terrorist TPLF would celebrate Yekatit 11 because this was a date on which the conspiracy and betrayal on the people of Ethiopia has been declared.

This is also the date on which the great contradiction between the theory of self-determination including session and wanton massacre of the people of Ethiopia has surfaced up.

To the contrary, the people of Ethiopia including citizens in Tigray will soon mark the Martyrs Day on Yekatit 12 remembering the Fascist massacre in Addis Ababa on February 19, 1937.

Along with this, Ethiopians of all walks of life will certainly remember the massacre conducted by terrorist TPLF on the peoples of Ethiopia in Amhara region in Mai Kadra, Humera Mersa, Chena, Gashena, Kombolcha, Diesse, Alamata, Kobo and several other districts in the region as well as in Galicoma, Fenti Resu Zone, Chifra and other districts in Afar.

Terrorist TPLF has nothing to celebrate on the blood of innocent people of Ethiopia. As I stated in my pervious contributions, terrorist TPLF has turned the region of Tigray into an area reminiscent of Nazi concentration camps in which millions of Jews have perished.

While they have successfully repulsed Italian Facist aggression, the people of Ethiopia are now forced to take a united action against a local fascist force that is out to destroy Ethiopia and anything Ethiopian.

The western powers and the ICC were so quick in preparing charges to put the former leader of Sudan on the international tribunal at The Hague based on the alleged massacre in Darfur and also Former Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo.

Today however, the international community and the global institutional justice systems have allowed terrorist TPLF to massacre innocent Ethiopians who have nothing to do with local or international politics.

Encouraged by the indifference of the international community and the UN systems, terrorist TPLF has continued to shell villages in Afar region killing innocent citizens and their livestock which is the source of their livelihood.

Yekatit 11, 1975 is not the date on which terrorist TPLF has started its struggle but a date on which the conspiracy to enslave the free people of Tigray has started.

Today, the regional economy in Tigray is in total fiasco. In the strict sense of the word, life has virtually stopped in Tigray.

No commerce, banking, schools, medical services and all other economic and business activities that are required to run and govern the Tigray region. In short, terrorist TPLF is forming a purgatory out of this region.

The UN has recently issued a report that terrorist TPLF is blocking the flow of food aid to Tigray by intensifying its war on Afar but still claims that the people of Tigray are starving due to a blockade. It is now no secret that TPLF is engaged in a creeping extermination of its own people through starvation for which it falsely blames the Ethiopian Government.

Terrorist TPLF is therefore attempting to celebrate Yekatit 11 under the backdrop of the agony of its own people. As citizens in Tigray are suffering under the yoke of terrorist TPLF barbaric administration, this terrorist organization has nothing to celebrate from the suffering of its own people.

In its make belief treachery, terrorist TPLF is still using propaganda of falsehood just like a man who stole a camel and tried to hide or women who stole pumpkin in a fog but was later exposed when the wind blew away the smog. Terrorist TPLF’s media policy is much similar to children’s game of hide and seek game in which children play around trying to find out the whereabouts of those who were hiding.

Terrorist TPLF propaganda is certainly based on a mountain of lies which any person with a reasonable mind can easily discern. Reports coming out of the area indicate that terrorist TPLF is preparing another round of attack on the Alamata front to celebrate Yekatit 11 on another round of bloodshed on the population in Amhara in its bid to continue the war and to again throw away the path to peace.

The blood thirsty terrorist organization is making another futile attempt to continue its massacre on the citizens in Amhara region.

Terrorist TPLF is also busy politicizing the religious stance of the country by interfering into the affairs of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church by claiming to form its own Holy Synod in a bid to balkanize the church.

While the people of Tigray recognize only one solid Tewahedo Ethiopian Orthodox Church, terrorist TPLF is opening another front to lure away the deeply religious people of Tigray into a political religion which is based on hatred and animosity.

While the citizens in Tigray are subjected to total starvation and abject poverty, terrorist TPLF is talking about a referendum it intends to conduct in Tigray to form a defacto State of Tigray which is just a day dream.

The terrorist organization is making a futile attempt to detach Tigray from the entire history of Ethiopia as if Tigray is not part of this country.

This organization is trying to create a state and history by making false justifications to confuse the international community on every bit of information related to Tigray. This organization of terrorists is trying to attribute the Axumite civilization and statehood as if it is confined only to Tigray.

Terrorist TPLF is also seeking some level of recognition from the western countries that are now silent on what is going on in Tigray.

Despite the clear atrocities that the terrorist organization is conducting on the peoples of Ethiopia which incidentally has continued unabated, the US is preparing another round of one sided sanctions that target the government and the people of Ethiopia as defined in the proposals enumerated in H.R.6600 weaken Ethiopia to bow down to the national and regional interests of the western powers and to save terrorist TPLF from a total political defeat.

Now what is to be done in the days ahead? It is very important to further accelerate the preparations for a national dialogue in every aspect through a wide range of public, CSO and religious institutions. It is also very useful to conduct seminars, workshops and conferences on the issues of national dialogue in cooperation with institutions of higher learning here and in the foreign countries.

Besides, the multiple sets of campaigns, mass rallies and demonstration on unity and sovereignty must be accelerated nonstop.

It is also recommendable to conduct a special national conference on the history of Ethiopia with a special emphasis on the situation in Tigray, Amhara and Afar regions with the purpose of foiling the false propaganda being broadcasted by Tigray media outlets.

The people of Tigray have nothings to celebrate on Yekatit 11 as long as they are under the bondage of terrorist TPLF.

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The Ethiopian   23  February  2022

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