Terrorist TPLF in total political fiasco

The terrorist so called liberation front in Tigray has recently waged a total war on the people of Ethiopia on the4 second round trying to annex Amhara and Afar regions to get a leeway for contacting its supporters abroad to fulfill its day dream of forming Greater Tigray.

Revolutionary Democracy, the opium of the people.

Equipping itself with a globally defunct ideology of revolutionary democracy and applying human wave tactics of war, terrorist TPLF is destroying a whole generation of youth simply to protect less than thirty power hungry leaders of the organization. Injecting a false propaganda that the Ethiopian Defense Forces are out to destroy it the terrorist group uses fascist ideology of hatred and revolutionary democracy which has never been revolutionary or democratic. Using the ideology of hatred in the form of what it calls “struggle” it feeds its army on cocaine and its own people the opium of revolutionary democracy it its worst form fascism and demagogy. This terrorist organization has blocked the natural free thinking pattern of the people and replaced it with social nihilism. Apart from the programmed set of demagogic mentality nobody is allowed to think freely or become critical of the leadership.

The current political situation in Tigray is a replica of Pol Pot regime which ruled Cambodia from 1975 to 1979. During that time, an estimated 1.5 to 2 million Cambodians died of starvation, execution, disease or overwork. Some historians regard the Pol Pot regime as one of the most barbaric and murderous in recent history. Is history repeating itself in a different location?

Terrorist TPLF, Ethiopia’s Boko Haram

According to education sector annual report released by the Ministry of Education in 2021, a total of 7000 schools were destroyed in Amhara and Afar in s single years. Out of this, 455 were destroyed in Afar pushing 88,000 children totally out of school. Through shelling conducted by terrorist TPLF, 240 persons have been killed in a single shelling incident out of which 107 were children. This figure does not include the number of persons killed by terrorist TPLF in its recent attack on Afar. In Tigray, 1.6 million children are out of school and most of them have now forcefully joined the terrorist army. In Tigray, Amhara and Afar, almost all schools are now being used as training camps for the terrorist army. While the western countries are well aware of the crimes committed by this terrorist organization, they have remained dead silent and indifferent but even tried to incriminate the ENDF.

Terrorist TPLF is anti-religion

Over the last one year, terrorist TPLF destroyed hundreds of churches, monasteries and Mosques including the famous Al-Nejashi Mosque in Tigray. They have completely looted these religious institutions, killed monks and Imams, vandalized shrines and used religious buildings for toilets. The people of Tigray are highly zealot for their religion, both Christian Orthodox believers and Muslims revere their religion while terrorist TPLF was conducting rampages of the leaders of the faithful and their religious institutions. They were forcing priests to eat raw meat at a pick of a fasting season. It is interesting to note that no religious institution or organizations across the world have spoken against this or condemn the actions of the terrorist organization against the rock hewn churches of Lalyebela for instance.

Terrorist TPLF destroyed service providing institutions in Tigray, Amhara and Afar

According to a report from the Ministry of Health from 2021, in Afar only terrorist TPLF forces destroyed 17 health centers, 1 hospital, and 42 health posts. While in Amhara region, 20 hospitals, 277 health centers were destroyed while 14 hospitals, 153 health centers, 642 health posts were totally looted. By its actions, terrorist TPLF has put lives of millions in Amhara and Afar under a critical risk. All medical supplies medicaments were shipped to Tigray before all to see by Dr. Tewodros led W.H.O. was lamenting on Tigray blockade which has never happened.

The anti-development terrorist organization destroyed infrastructure facilities in Tigray, Amhara and Afar

Terrorist TPLF destroyed Axum and Lalyibela international airports, hundreds of bridges and paved roads in all the three regions. Telecommunications networks and installations, power supply lines, ICT infrastructures and accessories. Besides, the armed persons from the terrorist group looted WFP warehouses in Kombolcha and Disese, Kombolcha Industry Park and other factories owned by private investors.

How did terrorist TPLF manage to gain recognition and support from the west and the UN systems?

Terrorist TPLF has high placed supporters and highly paid lobbyists who blindly based their arguments and suggestions based on well orchestrated false propaganda they relieve from TPLF. The terrorist organization had constant support from media outlets which cared less to verify their information from direct and authoritative source including the Ethiopian government sources.

The terrorist organization is also supported by Egypt and Sudan hoping that the terrorist TPLF will come to power and block Ethiopia’s development programs like GERD. It continued to enjoy huge media coverage marred with false information on developments in Ethiopia and enjoyed an indirect support from international organizations particularly in the US, Europe and the Middle East. Terrorist TPLF activists use their access to social media to spread their doctored pictures and videos as well as falsely prepared documents.

It is to be noted that the terrorist organization had access to huge amount of foreign currency smuggled to foreign countries well ahead of the period of the war.

Terrorist TPLF on dialogue and negotiations.

Because the terrorist organization has no history of negotiations or dialogue except probably from the attempted negotiations with the former military regime of the Derge. In a strategy document it released a year ago, the terrorist group has clearly indicated that it would use the tactics of dialogue and negotiations not in a rational manner but to confuse and destroy the political order in Ethiopia with its own agenda of establishing a terrorist TPLF led transition government based on either the federal or con-federal system of arrangements.

Terrorist TPLF, a threat to peace and stability on the Horn

Terrorist TPLF is a threat to regional peace and security in the Horn of Africa. It is to be noted that terrorist TPLF has a strategic goal of establishing Greater Tigray by incorporating territories from Amhara and Afar by changing the demographic mix of the areas through settlements and special programs that affect the mix in the population.

Major miscalculations and strategic errors committed by terrorist TPLF

Terrorist TPLF based the analysis of the current situation based on wrong expectations and miscalculations. For instance, the terrorist organization never thought that the people of Ethiopia will remain united when it attacks the entire country and thought that it would play a stabilizing and coordinating role while remaining leader in the country. To the contrary, Ethiopians of all walks of life joined the regular army and militia forces in all the regions beefing up the military might of the ENDF in the shortest possible time.

Terrorist TPLF thought that it would retake political power in the country in the manner it did in 1991 by the political and diplomatic support from the US and western powers who mistakenly exaggerated the political and military capacity of the organization and hoped that empowered TPLF would be a spring board from which they could alter the multi-polarity of the political forces in the region in their favor.

To the contrary, Ethiopia managed to take a diplomatic offensive by getting into a process of strategic partnership with countries like Russia, China, Turkey, India, UAE with agreements of mutual cooperation and trust building process which immediately paid off at the battle fronts.

The biggest miscalculation of TPLF is that the terrorist organization never expected that Ethiopia would be able to build a huge army after the ENDF withdrew from Tigray based on the unilateral declaration of ceasefire.

Here, it is important to recall that terrorist TPLF was secretly preparing for a major offensive on Ethiopia right after it had lost power through popular insurrections across the country.

The other mistake is the choice of military strategy and tactics employed by terrorist TPLF which used mostly untrained human wave of fighters which were in total mismatch with the federal and regional military forces. Along with such a military tactic, the terrorist organization moved it forces out of Tigray into Amhara and Afar regions with no support at the rear while the ENDF and associated special forces and militia were fully backed by the entire population in the country, governmental and private institutions and companies in the country.

As mentioned above, terrorist TPLF has no diplomatic history of negotiations and dialogue and remained totally rigid in its response to earlier requests for dialogue by the government. This is so because terrorist TPLF thought that it could get anything it desires through military means and considered negotiations and dialogue only to politically weaken Ethiopia through delaying tactics while it would continue in its military preparedness.

Now, terrorist TPLF is in a state of limbo because all its expectations are falling off one by one. The foreign media outlets have relatively started to question their blind media support for the organization based on falsehood and manipulative activities. On the other hand, the terrorist organization has failed to meet the promise it gave to its supporters in the Diaspora which are now more or less reluctant to continue in their unreserved support of an organization that has basically failed in all aspects of its leadership quality and delivery. Moreover, despite their blind support for terrorist TPLF the population in Tigray and the so called opposition parties in the region have started to forward demands that terrorist TPLF cannot address at all. Tomorrow has a lot in store but the people of Ethiopia are vying for better days ahead.

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