Terrorist TPLF keeps bombarding schools, mosques in Abala


ADDIS ABABA—Terrorist TPLF has continued attacking Afar state residents by bombarding towns and disrupting critical aid supply avenues around Abala , so stated AddisZeybe.

Residents of Abala town have witnessed heavy fire since January 14,2022. Even after both warring parties have shown interest for peace, the terrorist has continued damaging schools, mosques and innocents’ houses. As a result, Tigray has been cut off from aid supplies since mid-December, due to these roadblocks on the Afar-Abala-Mekelle corridor by the irresponsible and terrorist TPLF group. One of the residents in Abala, Omer Ali who witnessed the attack in person said that terrorist TPLF soldiers set fire to their town from the mountains.

Fighting has continued unabated in Abala, killing and injuring civilians, and destroying infrastructure has kept at the same rate. Following these recent attacks, residents have fled nearbyworedas for shelter at Birhale and Eretu, the source indicated. “Afar special forces and local militia as well as residents are the ones defending the state,” said Omer.

The January 23/2022

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