Terrorist TPLF proceeds its warmongering nature in Afar

ADDIS ABABA—The terrorist TPLF continues using heavy artillery and mechanical warfare to annihilate Afar innocent people and destruct huge property as the area is a big step to control the strategic avenues so stated Nurse and Advocate in the Afar state.

Having a stay with Prime Media, Nurse and Advocate in the Afar state, Valerie Browning said that the terrorist TPLF is continuing the usual awful activities like killing innocent citizens, displacing population, looting and destroying private and public property utilizing heavy weapons.

According to her, the terrorist TPLF invaded five districts and caused displacement of over 300,000 people from Afar state. The displaced people have been living in difficult situation as they lack adequate nutrition, shelter, medicine, detergents, and the like. In this way, the displaced mothers carrying and sheltering their children under the trees to save their lives, it is really quite horrific situation in that area.

“Though the Ethiopian Diasporas and Ethiopians in Addis assisted extremely to save the lives of the displaced people, it would not be sufficient enough compared with the mass displacement of people on a daily basis. Simply, the given food was so little almost like giving a kilogram of wheat flour per household,” she added.

Particularly, the Terrorist TPLF used mechanized l warfare, artillery warfare, and tanks which are very devastating and horrifically frightening ones; so people are terrified running in all directions, and in that case a lot has to be done to save lives, she added.

She further noted that the terrorist TPLF destroyed all clinics, living houses, Schools, water schemes, and solar pumps which are very useful for the community. Therefore, the terrorist group has developed absolutely zero logic and zero sense to the community. In this regard, the terrorist TPLF destroyed 67,000 houses and the victim community is unable to share market, buy food, sell animals, and the like as the situation is getting quite tough. The terrorist group has also been looting camel from Afar state to Tigray state.

The terrorist TPLF using force to control the geographical strategic location (road) of Afar state that connects to Djibouti, the road that brings all the goods from the port of Djibouti into Ethiopia, into Addis Ababa, and into the rest of Ethiopia. These areas, namely Dalol and Berhale have huge resources in potash as well as gold which are really unexploited, Valerie stated.

She called on the federal government, the NGO, and the international community to support the innocent Afar displaced population by fighting against the terrorist TPLF and getting its atrocities for dried good.


23 FEBRUARY 2022

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