Terrorist TPLF proceeds to create havoc in Afar state


ADDIS ABABA—Afar State disclosed that terrorist TPLF has been killing, getting citizens suffered and displacing a number of citizens by launching fresh attack in Abala and Magale areas of Afar state.

Explaining about the attack, the state elucidated in a press release that the terrorist group has been repeatedly committing genocide against Afar civilians who live in the border areas of Tigray State.

As to the press statement, the terrorist group has been shelling heavy weapons against Afar civilians who live Tigray adjacent.

The statement further mentioned that previously the terrorist TPLF opened attack repeatedly against the Afar state through entering in to the territory of the state and defeated by the Afar special forces and combined federal security forces.

The state also said that mass number of civilians were killed, handicapped and displaced as a result of the current fresh attack in Afar state, and the terrorist group has been operating war so as to create animosity between Tigray people and those of its neighboring states to achieve its destructive political goal.

The state called on all concerned body to work in collaboration with the Afar and people of Tigray so as to reverse the destructive acts of the terrorist group and make the state free from challenges emanating from the evil acts of terrorist TPLF leftovers.

 The state also called on the international community to stop cooperating the group to end innocent civilians attack.

The  January 18/2022

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