Terrorist TPLF’s zenith of cruelty

 “Our lives were, mostly dependent on the livestock, yet, the TPLF group looted them. We took nothing when we left our houses. We feel very sad as the group put us in this situation. It makes us reliant on aids when we actually would have been cherished and well served. May God let them reap what they sow,” said two elderly women with tones of voice that exposed their helplessness and bitterness.

Andiya Hamed and Kedija Ibrahim are residents of Megale district of Zone two, Afar State. They reside in this district area for more than 60 plus years and have spent both good and bad moments together.

It goes without saying that they have never thought of leaving their neighborhood, which each of them had established an extended family close to 50 members. Nevertheless, they were forced to flee from their house when the TPLF’s insurgents reinvaded the area using heavy artilleries.

Unfortunately, when the terrorists opened the attack, the women could not be able to take anything with them. They just left and when they returned, their houses were turned upside down. Since they ran in different direction with their children, they said they have no idea of their whereabouts. Similarly, they have no information about those people who reside in the rural areas, as to them.

According to the women, the government should provide adequate support for the youths, so that they can get rid of the merciless group from the area to enable villagers who fled from their living areas returned back.

According to the Head of Megale District Communication Office, Daru Boreketa, the elderly are highly respected ones by the society to the point where the society guided by their opinions and seek their blessings. They are also known for advising and counseling young girls.

Daru also indicated that, they have contributed a lot in building hard working mentality on the youth and lead a better life. However, all the respect and value was taken for granted by the TPLF group and it has left both the women to be displaced due to the attack it reopened.

In Afar, besides the highly valued culture of respecting elders, there is a custom that forbids a person from entering into a fight whose artillery is not compatible with the other. For instance, if one holds a gun while the other holds a stick, the one with the gun either has to go a fight with a stick or should retreat as taking advantage of the enemy is considered disgraceful, according to elderlies.

“Unfortunately, the TPLF group committed attack with the heavy artillery it possessed which is very contradictory with our culture. Using heavy artilleries on civilians is also against any religious doctrine. Though, the people of Afar would never bow down to such group, we know that what they are doing is to make the people of Afar feel ashamed.”

What the rebel group has been carrying out so far showcases how bad disciplined they are. They looted properties, raped women and belittled elderlies. These all are things they have never seen in their entire lives.

“Had it not been for the heavy artilleries that the group used against us, the youth of Afar would not have let them commit any crime. Leave alone the youth but ‘we’ the elderlies would have been enough to stop the group”, they underscored.



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