The Phony Policy of Biden Administration and Some Western Countries against Ethiopia is Inconsistent with the Principles of Democracy


The world is foiled with hypocrisy

Under the guise of inept democracy,

Empty talks of fairness and impartiality

That heightens the scheme of absurdity.

As there is little to trust

We should forget it as we must.

By flexing its muscles of money and gun

Threatens Ethiopia for no wrong she has done.

Story of love and care to it is unknown

Since its thorns of greed are fully grown

The US celebrates unwarranted democratic jubilee

That is mischievously planted like acacia tree.

Immovable is its surreptitious plan

That divides the people into ethnic and clan.

Coercing the nations everywhere

US holds insidious meetings here and there.

Summons her allies from around the globe

To plot against nations and their rights to rob.

Many countries summoned for participation

Even though she is in utter desperation

The topic is her fruitless democracy

That only satisfies her spirit of ecstasy.

The participants seem to be hand-picked

The rest cast away and politically tricked.

Is it deliberate or due to acute dementia?

That she left out Ethiopia, China and Russia.

From the seemingly world-rocking forum

Or might she fail to steady its fulcrum?

The US and allies preach democracy

That is filled with debasing intricacy

It devours honesty and sincerity

Giving birth to economic disparity

Many have just fallen victims to it

Hoping to gain the promised benefit

But it has sent friends into delirium

Give up their rights and easily succumb.

The super power and allies traverse the planet

And allure nations into their big hollow net.

These fishermen never yield to reason

As overwhelmed by nation-killing treason

Their fake argument is weary

And their propaganda dreary

Rejecting the truth, they cling to lies

They never heed to the victims cries.

With fiery condemnation the nations they fry

The victims live sobbing and weeping they die.

Africans are most tortured so mercilessly

Despite such treatment they enrich generously.

The perpetrators are never grateful

They’re abusive and even more hateful.

 The abominable merciless conqueror

Incarcerates nations in its camp of labor

Enjoys the servitude of its captives

 And little cares for helpless natives.

This has been her way and will be so

Thus, she’s determined any distance to go

 Ethiopia struggles for her safety

That embodies liberty and fraternity.

No power can snatch the national legacy

Be it economy or Biden’s democracy.

Their Democracy that promotes evil deeds

Condemns those who uphold the right creeds

The stealthy maneuver of neocolonialism

Can never trample on Ethiopia’s patriotism

Any attempt to do so enmity it breeds

No other solution, but to war it leads.

The sly diplomacy that the US promotes

Is interwoven by nation-wrecking plots

She employing strategic imposition

She aspires to impose her disposition.

She deceptively foils the objective reality

Raises her scepter as a gesture of impunity

Yet, she fancies the enemy, the erring party

That’s sheer indication of her true ignominy.

Undemocratic elements ganged up on Ethiopia

With false rhetoric and unprofessional mass media

The news of rape and harassment is to their joy

They’re happier when terrorists kill and destroy.

Burned mosques and church is what they like to see

But the situation will be reverse as soon as it can be.

Their democracy isn’t as it should, after all

It is shameless intimidation and coercive control.

All these injustices summed up become gray war

They’re not satisfied; they’re still looking for more.

We too will fight to our best

We will leave to God as for the rest

Let them get together shriek, cry and roar

Yet, Ethiopians say, enough and No More!


No more movement

Neo-fascist TPLF leaders

The January 2/2022

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