This Adwa Victory anniversary defining moment to defeat poverty

ADDIS ABABA- The 126th anniversary of Adwa victory is the defining moment to defeat poverty and backwardness, President Sahlework Zewde said.

Addressing public gatherings in connection with this year’s anniversary of Adwa victory yesterday, president Sahlework said Adwa has symbolized Ethiopians’ unbroken unity for ages and so the current generation has a big responsibility to repeat such victory combating poverty and backwardness.

Urging all Ethiopian and leaderships to focus on matters that make Ethiopia stronger and united, the president said that this generation needs to work harder on strengthening Ethiopia’s national unity by all means.

Adwa is symbol of independence and liberty not division, she said adding Ethiopians have to reach on common understanding to sustain as independent state with the spirit of Adwa.

At the event, Addis Ababa City Administration Deputy Mayor Jantirar Abay said that Adwa is hallmark of justice and victory over European colonial powers.

“We are expected to pass down the values and legacies that have safeguarded Ethiopia’s independence to the posterity.” Oromia State Deputy Administrator Awolu Abdi on his part said that Adwa is a driving force even today it helps in preserving Ethiopia’s independence and national interest.

“We defeated colonial powers at Adwa by coordinated effort of all Ethiopians. Now, Ethiopians have to further strengthened and continued already commenced prosperity journey by completing GERD construction to make poverty and backwardness history,” said Aregawi Berha (PhD) Politician and GERD Public Participation and Coordination Office Director General.

President of Ancient Ethiopian Patriots Association, Lij Daniel Jote Mesfin said Ethiopians never kneel down for oppressors in history.

Now is also the time for Ethiopians to repeat such kind of victory, being united for peace and development of the country.

The 126th Adwa victory anniversary day was celebrated in Addis Ababa at both squares of Menelik and Adwa in the presence of president Sahlework Zewde along with regional and federal government senior officials.


The   3 March  2022

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