“Tigray people should partner with Horn of Africa to TPLF demise”: Scholar


ADDIS ABABA – Though TPLF has lost a significant portion of fighters, it has been engaging in reorganizing forces to launch another attack, a renowned political analyst said, calling the Tigray people to partner with Horn of Africa by resisting the faction’s war efforts.

The political analyst and historian Mohamed Hassan (Professor) stated that people of Horn of Africa are also standing against the evil forces that have made attempts to destabilize the region. “It is the time to encourage the #NoMore movement.”

“According to my evaluation, TPLF is nothing political organization… because it has lost its leverage nationwide. The people of the Horn of Africa have also begun to breathe freedom. They are resolving minor problems by their own effort.” “The people of Tigray should also join this movement against TPLF. I see nothing good that the  clique contributed to the Tigray people,” he added.

Noting he has visited Ethiopia and Eritrea when the war broke out, the scholar indicated that most of the people think that the war is by Western powers. “So, TPLF has been rejected from the people’s mind.”

As to him, people in the Horn of Africa are still struggling against some glitches due to the fact that TPLF has installed time-bomb like political arrangement across the region in favor of Western politicians. “TPLF has pursued a double track policy since its emergence: the one is to make Tigray a republic while its second plan is to rule Ethiopia with monopoly until succession.”

The Western powers were also hoping for TPLF victory as they thought it was strong enough to restore its power militarily. After all, they are competing against the Ethiopian government using humanitarian issues following the recent victory by the government of Ethiopia, Mohamed commented.

The January 11/2022

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