Timket signifies meekness, forgiveness

Months had passed since the Western Media fanned fake news concerning Ethiopia`s peace and stability; Years had passed since anti-Ethiopian elements and those groups with anti-Ethiopian sentiment propagated Ethiopia’s disintegration and taken up arms to stir the peace and stability of the country. However, all these attempts have become futile by the combined struggles of Ethiopians. The priceless sacrifice paid by daring sons and daughters of Ethiopia has cleaned the dark cloud that surrounded skies of the country.

After its demise from power, terrorist TPLF junta and its drivers had tried almost every meanness to put Ethiopia`s stability at stake and disheartening the mass through its cruelness. However, the reverse has happened and Ethiopians won both local war and international diplomatic pressures. The darkest time has passed witnessing Ethiopia`s greatness. Ethiopians are now celebrating the feast of Timket (may be equivalent to Epiphany) under the spirit of forgiveness.

Decorating with traditional costumes, Ethiopians have a century old culture of marking holidays. Timket, which signifies the baptism of Jesus Christ in the river Jordan in the hands of John, is one of the religious holidays Ethiopians enjoy every year. Beside its religious values, Timket has also a significant meaning to show the world Ethiopia`s unity, diversity and magnanimity.

Timket-Ethiopian epiphany is a religious holiday that magnifies unity and tolerance among different nations and nationalities. As a land of diversity, where the multitude lives in tolerance, Ethiopians have a unique way of marking such special days individually as well as in groups. Timket is one of those days where the masses come together to show love and respect.

 Multiple factors make this Year`s Timket special and memorable for almost all Ethiopians. The first and the most important one is, it is a year where Ethiopians stood together to defend their sovereignty, wipe out anti-Ethiopian elements and terrorist TPLF for once and for all with combined hands.

The other important factor is, it is a holiday where several diaspora communities has come home in response to the call of Homecoming Challenge that disproved Western media disinformation concerning Ethiopia`s peace and stability. As it witnessed the past weeks, several of them have come back home ignoring all the disinformation concerning Ethiopia and have witnessed their love for their motherland, Ethiopia.

Timket and Ethiopians are two sides of the same coin. There is nothing Ethiopians will compromise when it comes to their sovereignty. As the mass show their commitments by escorting their parish church Tabot (replicas of the Ark of Covenant) to Timkete- Bahir (a pool, river or artificial reservoir) and spend the night attending night-long prayer and hymen services, they also express their genuine love and commitment to Ethiopia by paying all necessary sacrifices.

Whenever the peace and stability of the nation is under threat no single soul remains silent or spends the night at home. What is more, as the day of sprinkling of blessed water marks baptism and repentance, forgiveness and humility are the true identities of Ethiopians. These unique identities are the secret behind Ethiopia`s sustainability and driving factors towards its height.

Timket is UNESCO registered intangible International cultural heritage. For that reason, when Ethiopians mark Timket, the whole world shall remember Ethiopia`s unity in diversity and will be aware of that the country is founded on a strong foundation.

The January 19/2022

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