Tourists, Diasporas throng Gonder to celebrate Timket


GONDER- A huge number of tourists and Ethiopian Diasporas have thronged Gonder – the historical town – and begun to celebrate the colourful Ethiopian Timket (Epiphany) as of yesterday.

Ethiopian Diaspora Dawit Aynachew from the U.S. said that he attend Timket four years ago in Gonder and he come again to Ethiopia following the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) call to one million Ethiopian Diasporas and friends of Ethiopia to join the great Ethiopians homecoming challenge.

Gonder is calm and the people are celebrating the day with various songs, dances, and Ethiopian Orthodox spiritual song which makes Gonder’s Timket outstanding from the other parts of the country, he added.

As to him, the eve of Timket is on-going with various colourful ceremonial occasions peacefully in Gonder. “The Ethiopian government should work hand in hand with pertinent stakeholders to harness the UNESCO registered world  heritages potentials in the tourism sector.

The Diasporas and friends of Ethiopia have been successfully defending Ethiopia’s stance in the international arena to dismantle internal and external enemies’ conspiracies to celebrate the day peacefully.”

Historian Jeff Pearce from Canada for his part told The that he is attending Ethiopian Timket for the first time and is amused by the celebration. “Timket is special in Gonder. The celebration is amazing and difficult to explain the feeling. I am not a Christian. However, I  love everything here,” he said.

Ethiopia is celebrating the colourful Timket peacefully amid the recent terrorist TPLF’s innocent civilians killings and grand damages of infrastructure, he opined.

Ethiopians home and abroad have significant contributions to celebrate Timket peacefully and colourfully. Accordingly, Gonder is among the leading destination where Timket celebrated annually with a huge get together of local and international tourists.

The January 19/2022

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