TPLF must reap ultimate peace option

No terrorist group, other than the terrorist Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF,) in the universe has been given every golden chance to look into itself and back to peace after causing untold crimes, unimaginable atrocities against innocent civilians, and incalculable loss of national property.

The group was also allowed to enjoy devouring all the looted national wealth in peace, but it discarded unknowingly. Even after the first and second operations, a range of chances were given to it.

However, it has recurrently been attacking blameless nationals in Afar state in particular via drenching heavy artilleries and prohibited venomous weapons over them failing to draw important lessons from mistakes, bankruptcy and enormous loss it has engrossed.

Chief of Staff Field Marshal, Berhanu Jula, said, “If terrorist TPLF is not willing to well exploit the peace options with which it has been provided, the government is obliged to take measures to bring about lasting solution to the problem.” This is a clear message beckoned to close the chapter of chaos, unrest and instability triggered by the terrorist group.

As the world over has well aware of the cruelty and diabolic spirit the group has developed for close to three decades, a number of local and international media outlets are extensively exposing the crimes of the terrorist group and many are now in a position to comprehend what Ethiopia has long been shouting about.

It is repeatedly ed that a number of survivors and eye witnesses have attested that terrorist TPLF has committed horrific mass killings in Amhara and Afar states targeting ethnicity.

Besides, as to eye witnesses, a number of civilians were buried in school grounds, which were used as military base by the terrorist group. Plus to that, the terrorist TPLF killed too many youngsters whom its leftovers suspected working against them.

Surprisingly, the terrorist groups members took people from the place they controlled at day time and forced them dig their own graves, killed and buried them in mass.

Devilishly, if people under their control, especially the youth are not willing to dig a cemetery for themselves, they will be buried alive. How hardhearted remnants of the group are! It is with all these ever unthinkable evil acts that the terrorist TPLF has repeatedly ignored all the peace calls and closed the positive leeway to come to peace and open doors to live in harmony on both sides.

This does absolutely emanate from the chauvinistic stance and the pretext the group has long been telling itself as courageous combatants and bold military personnel overlooking all the capacity, good deeds and moral grounds the Amhara and Afar nationals provided them with in due course of overthrowing the dictatorial Derg regime.

Another manifestation of terrorist’s inanity is they were actively killing many people who had no association with any group and know nothing about party affiliation.

In what parameter and sieving means could killing small children, farmers, women and girls, innocent civilians merely because of their ethnic category as well as committing gang rape be forgiven? However, all this is done for the sake of sustaining Ethiopia’s existence as it is political elites and irresponsible officials who have created havoc and developed hostility among citizens, not the general public who all the time enjoy living in a melodious way.

Doing all the aforesaid wrong-doings and the malicious undertakings under the sun, the group is continuing attacking Afar, and has prettily compromised government patience up to emptying. Hence, the planned measure to be taken by the government to get all ill-intension sources dried is timely and courteous.

The terrorist group has to think twice before doing once drawing lessons from past eternal mistakes in its life.

The   1 March   2022

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