TPLF, Western media partnership create havoc in Ethiopia


ADDIS ABABA – The evil partnership of the terrorist TPLF and some Western media exposed Ethiopia and its people to social havoc and mounted violence, African scholar said.

In his article titled ‘In solidarity with Ethiopia and its people’ Political Science and African Studies Assistant Professor at North Carolina State University, Moses Khisa stated that Western media’s indifference to TPLF belligerence in Amhara and Afar states is the main cause of the social tension.

Noting his special attachment with the people of Ethiopia and visiting the country several times, the academician indicated that the outlawed faction committed crimes against humanity and damaged immense property during the past one year.

“Unfortunately, some Western media still exercise partisan reporting and positively portray the rebellious group rather than seeking the truth.

Accordingly, the majority of the corporate outlets reported that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and his government had lost the war, the only option left was to abandon Addis Ababa and flee into exile.”

Khisa further highlighted Western mainstream media have engaged in misrepresenting the current situation of Ethiopia and reporting that the dissidents are near to the capital Addis Ababa and only 200 kilometers away from capturing the metropolis. “But the reality is far different and such media lies intended to bring regime change and dismantle Ethiopia.”

Western media have also been vividly biased and only favor the terrorist TPLF. However, the people and government of Ethiopia are on the victorious side of the war and the criminal and robber forces are being crushed and pushed to where they come from, he remarked.

The January 1/2022

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