Turkish, Indian ambassadors express support for Ethiopia’s Nat’l dialogue

ADDIS ABABA – Indian and Turkish Ambassadors to Ethiopia stated that the forthcoming inclusive national dialogue in Ethiopia would be of meaningfully useful in resolving a range of problems peacefully thereby building a strong, prosperous and stable nation.

Indian Ambassador to Ethiopia Robert Shetkintong told Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) that the national dialogue in Ethiopia will play a pivotal role in building a strong country that celebrates its unity in diversity and hold its fabric as a united country.

Ambassador Robert Shetkintong said that Ethiopia, like India, is a diverse country with over 80 ethnic groups, many languages and rejoices unity in diversity.

He said, “India has also many languages, thousands of dialects, and all religions have their presence.Despite the diversity, the nation has been able to hold that fabric peacefully and India is as such a good example where unity in diversity is cited.”

He also indicated that he is positive and very confident that Ethiopia will also be a country that can well exploit diversity as an opportunity for change.

Citing similarities between the two countries, he pointed out that Ethiopia and India can draw important as well as positive lessons from each other.

The Ambassador further stated that the dialogue will be helpful not only in Ethiopia, but also in India that comes about between different communities, different people as it almost all the time helps nations build their future.

Turkish Ambassador to Ethiopia Yaprak Alp on her part said that she and the government of Turkey welcome all roads to stability and peace in Ethiopia.

“We are very happy to see the step being taken, and we hope the conflict will be solved very soon for the sake of all our brothers and sisters here,” she added.

She also stated that the Turkish government has made an official statement welcoming it after the national dialogue commission was established.



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