U.S. back to fear-mongering in HoA: Human rights activist


ADDIS ABABA – Despite the ongoing biggest African events in Ethiopia , the U.S. embassy in Ethiopia recent travel advisory is really very shocking and difficult to explain, so said Ethiopian–American human rights activist Nebiyu Asfaw.

Recently, the U.S. released a level 4 travel advisory which is telling people not to travel to Ethiopia.

In his discussion with the Ethiopian–American journalist Hermela Aregawi regarding the aforesaid issue, Nebiyu, Co-founder of Ethiopian–American Development Council, stated that it is really a shock to see the renewal of the travel advisory at this very moment in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He added that one of the biggest events in Africa, the African Union Summit, is now happening in Addis after two years of interruption due to coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

He also noted that it is very curious that this travel advisory is coming out at a time when over a million Diaspora members have traveled back home to show as a symbolism of resistance to what people consider is the disinformation campaign to make Ethiopialook unstable.

“A new U.S. special envoy coming in is signaling a pivot a change in policy and there have been some changes,” he said adding that, but, the travel advisory is really just very curious and really very difficult to even explain on why that would happen in the midst of a very important event.

 He further indicated that over 350 journalists around the world landed in Ethiopia to cover the huge event – the 35th AU Summit –and the whole city is really excited for this.The whole Africa is in Addis right now. “There is really absolutely no reason to alarm the public or the world about any type of a security threat, because there is none,” he opined.

Regarding terrorist TPLF’s recent belligerence, Nebiyu stated that after the decision of Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) and allies to halt their advance to Tigray the terrorist TPLF group went back on the offense.

He added that there have been reports coming out for at least two weeks of the TPLF forces killing civilians and destroying infrastructure. And also the only route into Tigray to transport humanitarian relief and medical supplies is actually being blocked by the TPLF because of this offensive.

As to him, no one knows what the terrorist TPLF want, but they might be trying to reoccupy Afar; to get to the Djibouti highway to block Ethiopia from the port. The terrorist group is causing a lot of devastation.

Nebiyu said :“We had expected and we are hopeful that there would be some proper denunciation from the United States that this is not okay and that has been very disappointing.”

He also noted that he is still hopeful and urge the new U.S. ambassador and the new leadership that is coming in into the Horn to really look at the TPLF, the entity that is really terrorizing the region, and is blocking Tigray from getting the humanitarian aid.

And, even right now from the four or five months of TPLF occupation of the Amhara and Afar states, stories that are coming out are heartbreaking – the rapes, mass killings, lootings and destruction of hospitals and other service providers, he further indicated.

However, Nebiyu noted, still there has not been a proper condemnation from the United States. “And I think that it is never too late to do the right thing and it is time for the United States for the new leadership to really pause and say where we are going.”

The February 5/2022

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