U.S. led organizations enable TPLF to commit war crimes, massacres


ADDIS ABABA – The U.S. government, western media and international humanitarian organizations primed and enabled TPLF to commit war crimes and massacres in Amhara and Afar states, Ethiop Media disclosed.

In its documentary release, the media stated that the world has been fed a constant stream of anti-Ethiopian propaganda presenting TPLF as moral righteous victors giving TPLF the license to kill, rape, loot and destroy.

The organizations primed and enabled TPLF to commit war crimes and massacres. None of this happened overnight. Western governments, international organizations including world health organization United Nations and World Food Program intellectually have dishonesty academics.

Unethical journalists, lobbyists and western media organizations have been priming TPLF for almost a year to commit this war crime mirroring their respective government policy. Major western media engaged in bogus moral equivalence and amplifying TPLF’s false and inaccurate accusations and misinformation.

Nima Albagar, Alex Dawal, Martin Plout and William Davison used their positions to shape world view on the conflict creating the evil Ethiopians versus superior to Tigray’s narrative giving a moral ground for TPLF to  unleash nothing short of genocide against an innocent civilians.

In 2015, the U.S used Former USAID Head Alex Dewal’s position to pressure the TPLF. In 2020, for some mysterious reason he became the supporter of TPLF in a span of 12 months. He wrote over 25 biased anti-Ethiopia opinion pieces in major international newspapers cited as an Ethiopian expert.

 At least 50 articles vilified the famed Ethiopians intellectual dishonesty at its best with no moral character or integrity. He just went to the highest bidder. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The only thing left actually for the Ethiopian National Defense Forces(ENDF) is to negotiate its surrender or withdrawal from Tigray, it added.

Getachew Reda, terrorist TPLF Spokesperson mistakenly admitted that the U.S government asked TPLF to enter Addis. “We can’t imagine what could have happened had TPLF made it to the capital. They told us to forge an alliance with various groups to avoid chaos.”

In the TPLF occupied areas of Amhara and Afar, 90 percent of basic infrastructure was ransacked and taken to Tigray. The remaining was intentionally destroyed.

As more cities were liberated a shocking horror story started to come out. Horrific stories of gang rape of pregnant women, nuns and young girls. An 85 year old nun was victim of a brutal rape. Some of them were raped in front of their children, many women committed suicide, unspeakable loss suffering and grief that would last for generations.

TPLF had only one mission, inflicting as much pain and suffering as possible against innocent civilians who have nothing to do with the war in Tigray. The rule of engagement was clear. It is killing, rape, loot and destroying, it underlined.

The January 12/2022

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