“U.S. openly supports terrorist TPLF’s regime change efforts”

ADDIS ABABA – Both opposition political parties’ leaders and ministers agreed that the TPLF regime change efforts gain the support of the U.S. and other western nations because of the former‘s interest in the region.

In their interview with Break Through news, Prof. Berhanu Nega–Leader of Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice (Ezema) and Education Minister, Kejela Merdasa–Deputy Chairperson of Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and Culture and Sport Minister stated that the US and its western allies have been supporting the TPLF from the moment it came to power in 1991.

Prof. Berhanu Nega indicated that the western countries fully supported the TPLF-led EPRDF government irrespective of the massacres, and irrespective of the election being rigged. He added that western powers, who advocate democracy which we talked were allies of democratic dispensation, were absolutely not interested in a meaningful democracy at that time.

“After the 2005 national election, the then U.S. Charge De’ affair Ambassador Vicky Huddleston came to prison to tell me to abdicate my victory as mayor so that the government will be stable,” Prof. Berhanu said.

As to him, most people think that the TPLF started the recent talk of genocide now. Actually talk of genocide was taking place in 2005 election. When the leaders of the TPLF felt that they were losing the debates in the election, they start talking about Interahamwe.

He also opined that the TPLF is the most corrupt political party in Ethiopia’s history.It has stolen billions and billions of dollars from the Ethiopian population. And the West knows all this.

Prof. Berhanu further stated that the TPLF ethicized Ethiopian politics openly and officially, and all political parties were more or less pressured to form ethnic based political organizations.

TPLF is probably the only government that gives national ID on the base of ethnicity, he said, adding that the overarching identity that makes us equal in politics is our identity as citizens of the country.

Kejela Merdasa on his part noted that there are some groups and individuals in the U.S. politics who try to manipulate the foreign policy of America.

He added that there are some people in the U.S. government especially belonging to the Democratic Party having problems with the Eritrean government, and the relationship between Ethiopia and Eritrea. “The West is not happy with the good relations between Eritrea and Ethiopia.”

He also indicated that when the terrorist TPLF was in power, it killed, harassed, intimidated, displaced, and looted the Oromo people. And this is known to the Ethiopian people and the international communities.

As to him, when the TPLF understood that it is no more dominant in the EPRDF and when the Prime MinisterAbiy Ahmed (PhD) came to power, it started underground recruiting unemployed young people from the street to make the country ungovernable to Abiy.

Majority of the Shene that has been designated as terrorist organization by the Ethiopian Parliament are the TPLF recruits.



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