U.S. policy in Horn based on destabilizing, dividing : Journalist


ADDIS ABABA– The U.S. policy in the Horn of Africa really going back to the 1970’s has been 100 percent based on destabilizing the Horn, and keeping it divided, Journalist Eugene Puryear said in his interview with MINTCAST news. He also said the U.S. is doing everything possible if not to create to at least stoke the flames of all the divisions that exist inside the Horn of Africa.

 He further said : “ This is just to make sure that it remain divided and weak and not strong for one real basic reason which is that this is one of the most geostrategic important regions at the crossroads of the global commerce in so many ways.”

“Ethiopia of course the sits in a critical point vis-à-vis the Nile River and there is also other things I can talk about in terms of the potential economic impact on the U.S. imperialism and capitalism of more unity but even these countries individually.” Accordingly, now you have a situation where it is kind of a worst case scenario.

As known from the U.S. national defense strategy, the most important thing for the country right now is to maintain favorable regional balance of power in order to control the globe, he said adding that : “ For the U.S. ,if you have the possibility of a more independent more united Horn of Africa on a geostrategic region which means you could lose some level of control over a very important part of the world.”

The February 3/2022

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