U.S. policymakers’ effort to shatter peace in Africa impossible



ADDIS ABABA– The U.S. policymakers will make every effort to shatter the peace in Africa particularly Ethiopia and Eritrea, but it’s impossible because of Africans’ firm solidarity, so stated a professional and activist.

Staying with Black Agenda Report, Eritrean- American Well- Known activist and one of the founders of #NoMore Global Movement Simon Tesfamariam (MD)said that the U.S. policymakers think they can win over Ethiopians and their government, pry it away from Eritrea, applying the old divide-and-rule tactics that were used during the colonial era. So they cannot do this. And now there is special relationships growing in Africa, and it’s not just governments; its entire peoples.

In Ethiopia, during the 27 years of TPLF rule, the U.S. policymakers had a willing puppet in a client state, and they are going to continue trying to pry Ethiopia apart from Eritrea, he said adding that this is an imperial absolute for them, but the strong people-to- people relationship between the Eritreans, Ethiopians, and Somalis at this moment is going to make that impossible.

“There is strong solidarity across Africa, like what we saw back in the ‘60s with the rise of Pan-Africanism and the anti-colonial liberation movements which brought many African countries together. The alliance of Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia bordering one another in the Horn of Africa was formalized in the Joint Declaration on Comprehensive Cooperation among these three countries, also known as the Tripartite Agreement, and  it will now be very difficult for the West to break, hard as they are trying.”

Somalis, Eritreans, and Ethiopians are now having discussions online and in the streets, getting together and mobilizing on the streets and have the people of the Horn of Africa at home, the governments at home, and the Diasporas all connected, moving towards this common destiny, he stated.

Besides, the nations, the governments, and the Diasporas are all connected at this moment. They feel as though they share a kind of destiny. So if one leader decides to go off and do their own thing, and maybe go in a different direction, the people are going to say #NoMore to that too, he claimed.

As to him, #NoMore Movement is a movement to end neocolonialism in Africa, particularly focused on the Horn, but it keeps expanding. “ It has become a global movement with African origins. We are saying no to tools of exploitation disinformation, division, and war to move towards collective prosperity across the world. But we can’t forget that #NoMore originated in the Horn of Africa.”

The February 6/2022

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