U.S. representatives encourage Ethiopians to ramp up diplomatic efforts

ADDIS ABABA (FBC)– Ethiopian American Civic Council discussed with Catherine Cortez Masto, U.S. Senator from the State of Nevada and Jason Crow, a representative from Colorado on current affairs in Ethiopia.

During the discussion, Senator Cortez Masto said that she is closely following the situation in Ethiopia. The Senator noted that Ethiopia and the U.S. have a longstanding close ties stressing need to maintain such a historical relationship. She expressed commitment to follow the situation in the light of the historical relationship between the two countries, calling Ethiopians across the world to ramp up diplomatic efforts so as to fend off external pressures.

Council members also told Rep. Jason Crow that the decision made by to terminate Ethiopia’s eligibility for benefits under AGOA in an intention to back the TPLF Junta has nothing with the government rather it affects ordinary Ethiopians.

“It is not America’s tradition to abuse humanitarian projects for political gains” the Council underlined.

Rep. Jason Crow, for his part, said that he better knows the case and vowed to restart following AGOA issues closely. The two have encouraged Ethiopians to join hands and ramp up diplomatic efforts in order to defend their country from external pressures.


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