U.S., some western media act against legitimate gov’t

ADAMA – The U.S. and some Western-led media have always sought to achieve their ulterior motives by appointing gangsters over African continent, so stated one of the Diaspora Community members.

Having a stay with the Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA), the Diaspora hails from Virginia; America receiving the call made by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) to join the Great Homecoming Challenge, Bekele Woldmekail said that the main aim of the U.S. and some western media is appointing gangsters to succeed their hidden interest. Bekele, who is also one of the Members of eyezonethiopia.com, stated that some countries like Afghan, Libya, and Syria were devastated by the U.S. and some western media orchestrated cruel acts.

They would also like to repeat the same on Ethiopia that would help them garner big opportunity to obtain political leverage in African continent.

For example, the U.S. frequently asks their citizens leave from Addis Ababa city that urging the city encircled by the terrorist group, though the situation is far from what the U.S. is stated.

Bekele further noted that the U.S. and some western media do not always allow legitimate government elected by the majority; it is rather they are interested in assigning puppet government to realize their interest.

That is why they put maximum pressure on Ethiopian government and its people by supporting terrorist TPLF to back. However, their plot is upturned by U.S., some western media act against legitimate gov’t Ethiopian united force. “In his living of Virginia State, they existing over 700,000 Ethiopian Diasporas who have been supporting their homeland through different mechanisms thereby joining the #NoMore Movement,” he added.

As to Bekele, though the contribution of the Diaspora community to their mother land is appreciable, it is not mean that adequately enough compared with the Pain of the Ethiopian people.

Therefore, strengthening unity, creating conducive area of the Diaspora community to support the people, fairness, and cutting bureaucratic red tape would play significant role to ensure national sovereignty for a sustainable manner.


The 13 February 2022

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