U.S. toiling to create another ‘Taiwan’ in Ethiopia : Scholars


ADDIS ABABA-The U.S. government wants to utilize Tigray as a new Taiwan so as to achieve its ill-intended objectives of destabilizing Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa at large, social science scholars said.

Kotebe Metropolitan University Philosophy and Social Work Assistant Professor Walelign Emiru told local media that the intention behind the U.S intensified pressure on the legitimate government is to create Taiwan in Ethiopia thereby controlling the Red Sea and the strategic Horn of Africa region.

Despite the messy complexities of the conflict, the U.S. and its corporate media as well as different international organizations have framed the northern conflict as a government instigated genocide against the people of Tigray, Walelign added. “The international media have given deaf ear while the TPLF terrorist group has committed horrific massacres in Amhara Afar and states violating the federal government’s unilateral cease-fire.”

Sharing the above rationale, Foreign Policy and Diplomacy Senior Expert WorkuYacob (PhD) said the West’s unwarranted interference on Ethiopia emanates from its longstanding ambition of securing hidden interest in the geostrategic region.

 Unfortunately, the northern conflict has opened space for those elements to exert pressure under the guise of protecting law and human right violations. “The mere intention behind the diplomatic pressure is not protecting human rights, enforcing law and other, but destabilizing Ethiopia by any means.”

The expert pointed out that the pressure has clear political intentions and degrades Ethiopia just because of resisting the unwarranted intervention and speaking out loud about the West’s unjustified meddling of its domestic affairs.

As to him, what is even more saddening, is that some Western powers are unhappy with the Ethiopian government’s determination to defend the rights and benefits of its people and defy their attempts to humiliate the nation. The West wants to maintain its hegemony by arrogance and has made every attempt to kneel down the Ethiopian government.

Accordingly, Ethiopian Diasporas should stand in the forefront and need to scale up engagement with their fellow Africans to reverse the West’s unconstructive approach, the academician remarked.

The January 15/2022

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