U.S., West employ sanctions as economic warfare against Ethiopia: Economist


ADDIS ABABA- The U.S. and some Westerners’ attempt to employ trade sanctions as economic warfare against Ethiopia is really disgusting, so said Development Economist.

Having a stay with Pacifica network radio, the development economist Lawrence Freeman,said that the U.S. delisted Ethiopia from AGOA using trade as economic warfare and economic warfare is very serious and the Biden administration, and Secretary of State Blinken are basically doing their best to weaken the country and force it into submission.

“I was in Addis for two weeks in December when the U.S. Embassy was saying every day everybody should leave the city immediately as the city as well as the country is not stable at all. The U.S. will help pay ticket because there is about to be unprecedented terrorist attack, but what they talked about and reality on the ground are diametrically different. Despite the presence of a conflict in the Northern part of the nation, the country has enjoyed a peaceful atmosphere,” he  underscored.

He urged the international community to assist the country to come to the right track. “ Taking advantage of its poorness, the U.S. and the west would like to twist the arms of Ethiopia via dictating it to the direction they porter.”

“Ethiopia can pursue in its direction withstanding a range of sanctions like other countries which declared freedom by their own right. It is up to Ethiopians whether they can do this or not, but the sanctions against Ethiopia is really disgusting.”

The January 25/2022

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