Ugandan journalist witnesses TPLF’s atrocities, devastations in Amhara, Afar

ADDIS ABABA – The atrocities committed by the TPLF on innocent citizens and the destructions caused on public facilities in Amhara and Afar states are disheartening and inhuman, a Ugandan journalist said.

Following his recent visit to the two states, Managing Editor of Plus News Uganda Kungu Al-mahadi Adam told ENA that TPLF is not fighting for the rights and the well-being of the people of Tigray in particular and Ethiopians in general.

“Why should education institutions like universities, health services, and health centers which I saw be looted?”Adam asked.

The journalist who returned to Addis Ababa recently stated that he “saw very old people in IDP camps, women and children as young as two to three years suffering and crying in pain as a result of the war that was taken to them by the TPLF. It was disheartening, challenging, and one of the worst experiences I have witnessed in my life.”

According to Adam, “TPLF is not fighting for the people. TPLF seems to be having an agenda that is beyond fighting for the rights and the well-being of the people of Tigray in particular and the people of Ethiopia in general.”

Elders and children between 9 and 15 were forced by the TPLF to join them in fighting for what they call their state, the managing editor revealed, pointing out that “in the first place that is crime based on several international protocols. Children below 18 are not supposed to be used on the front line.”

He added the leaders of TPLF have been forcing children as young as 9 to go and fight for them. So, this group cannot claim to fight for the people.

“You cannot claim that you are fighting for the people of Tigray when you are committing atrocities on them. Based on what journalists there (in Tigray state) told me, women who tried to oppose the wicked command of the group were raped.”

The managing editor noted that their claim of fighting for the people is simply to get public sympathy. “They are fighting for their personal agenda,” he stated.

Adam pointed out that their mentality is all about putting the country down, not fighting for the good of the country and the good of the people.


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