UK blames terrorist TPLF for blocking aid delivery


ADDIS ABABA– TPLF’s continued attacks inhibit delivery of aid across northern Ethiopia, UK Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva said, calling for unfettered humanitarian access.

The Permanent Representative Simon Manley made the above while delivering his country’s statement on the issue. “Lack of banking, fuel and electricity means people cannot help themselves,” Manley noted, calling again for an immediate cessation of hostilities, for a political solution, for unfettered humanitarian access, and for International Law to be respected.

Noting after 15 months of conflict, there are still repeated human rights violations and abuses, the permanent representative stressed that the situation is impacting millions in the north of Ethiopia. “We remain extremely concerned by brutal and systematic sexual violence, massacres, forced displacement and attacks on civilians.”

“The UK strongly supports the formation of the International Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia to provide comprehensive monitoring, reporting and evidence-gathering. We encourage all  parties to the conflict to cooperate fully with the commission. We welcome the swift formation of the inter-Ministerial taskforce and also commend the ongoing efforts of the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission.”

A social media actor Mahmude Mohammed said for his part that TPLF forces have executed repeated attacks in Afar and Amhara and blocked major humanitarian aid supply routes to Tigray and other areas with a view to weaponizing hunger.

The rebellious group has also shown utter disregard for fundamental rules of international humanitarian law which all warring parties must follow. This includes repeated incidents of widespread rape, summary killings and looting of vital infrastructure including hospitals, Mohammed elaborated.

The March 11/2022

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