Undermining the truth won’t do any good

 It was on June 28, 2021 the government of Ethiopia has declared immediate and unilateral humanitarian ceasefire in Tigray State to enable farmers plough their plots; and relief organizations deliver unhindered aid for people who are in dire need of humanitarian assistance in the State.

However, the terrorist TPLF enterprise,instead of appreciating the immediate ceasefire decision; and engaging itself in activities that benefit the community, has continued disrupting the peace and security of thepeople andmaking their lives more stressful.

Mainly by taking the announcement as a good opportunity to extend its ill intents and launching war on neighboring areas, it has sustained endangering the wellbeing of people and making the relief efforts more complicated and demanding.

The terrorist force,by confining hundreds of supply trucks that have entered into Mekelle carrying aid supplies, as well as burning and looting lifesaving aid items, is worsening the situation; exacerbating the sufferings of the Tigray people whom it is saying “go all-out for them.”

Ironically, the rebel faction and its allies have been attempting to lay the blameat the government’s door for blocking humanitarian routes which is illogical and entirely absurd.

Evidently, from the very beginning the Government of Ethiopia has spared no effort to ensure aid access to Tigray State in partnership with partners.

Even before withdrawing from the State following the unilateral humanitarian ceasefire decision, the government had kept more than 400,000 quintals of wheat, 2.5 million liters of edible oil and petroleum in warehouses as reserve in theState.

 In similar manner, by facilitating daily cargo flights, it has been making every effort to deliver vital food and non-food items,much-needed medicines to the State.

For instance, in the last six months (July to December 2021), partners supported around 1.48 Billion Birr worth of nutrition supplies and about 128 million Birr worth of medical supplies to Tigray;facilitated by the Government of Ethiopia

However, subsequent to the fresh aggression the group has launched in Ab’ala and Magale woredas in KilbetiResu Zone of Afar State recently, the relief efforts are hampered. Owing to terrorist’s attacks, aid trucks that were heading to Mekelle loaded with food and nonfood items compelled to return back.

How on earth, a certain group who claims itself as a guardian of the people could play such gambling. How it allows “its own people”to be suffered through blocking aid routes and looting aid supplies? How it creates human made starvation to serve its own political interest?

This disgracing act, apart from showing the true nature of the rebel’s group it clearly depicts its recklessness for the people.

Therefore, the global community and relief actors understanding the self-focused intention of the group should condemn the act in the strongest terms. They have to start speak the truth, call a spade a spade and put pressure on the terrorist TPLF enterprise to help people, who are in dire need of humanitarian assistance.

Undermining the truth will not do any good; except encouraging the rebel enterprise to advance its ill intentsand exacerbating peoples’ sufferings.

The January 26/2022

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