Unforgettable life threatening experience

Once the TPLF group was kicked out of the State embarrassingly, the people of Afar were tied up with activities to rehabilitate what have been damaged by the rebel group aiming to get back to their normal lives.

However, as the insurgents are the most devilish group predestined to disrupt the peace and security of people, to blur hopes and aspirations of others through causing greater harm, they did not allow the community to live in peace. They reinvade the State.

On that unfortunate night, a nine-month pregnant Halima Mohammed and her two-year old daughter were at their home. Suddenly, fighters of the TPLF terrorist started attacking the village by heavy artilleries and turned the entire area in to battlefield.

During the night, reinvading the town, they continued disturbing the village with heavy gunshots.

Halima was so terrified and decided to leave the house along with her two-year old daughter. She had no choice but to spend the night wandering with her daughter.

After spending a long horrifying night, on the next morning, Halima and her few neighbors started their journey. However, the intense sunlight forced them to rest under a tree. The long walk they had coupled with the burning hot weather that has enough power to roast a lizard, made Halima feel sleepy, and soon she felt a pressure around her belly.

Noticing that, she was going to her neighbor, the neighbors took off their clothes to help her lie down and give birth. After few painful moments, she gave birth to her baby. Even under those distressing situations, the fact that she gave birth peacefully gave a relief for her neighbors.

As the rebel group was nearby the area, Halima and her neighbors had to continue their journey. After about four tiresome days, they found a shelter in a place called Afedera.

“Let alone giving birth on the street without getting assistance from health professionals, but delivering a baby in health institution is also frightening. I thank God that I made it safely though my wound still hurts”, she underscored.

“Fortunately, I was able to get here but, I do not know the whereabouts of my husband and children. Even if our house might not be damaged, no doubt it would be looted. I just wish that, ‘Allah’ would punish them for all the wrong things they committed”, she stressed.

“Killing and tormenting people are the major things that the TPLF group has been doing. They looted and ate whatever they got. I have never seen anything like this in my entire life. This is why we should get rid of it timely.”

She further noted that, they have learnt from friends that came right behind them that the group is giving the people a hard time forcing them offer food and goats, adding that, the insurgents have also harshly massacred those who did not abide by their rules. She said the group has to be fought back and if she did not gave birth now; she would have been the first to fight them back.

Despite the fact that, she was able to give birth safely, Halima noted that there are plenty of women and mothers that could not make it. Moreover, there are also other mothers that gave birth on the streets, she added.

In earlier times, though fighters of TPLF were beaten badly by the concerted hands of Ethiopia’s brave children and overthrown from Afar and Amhara states, they had reinvaded Afar State and provoked war again. Following this act, the government has set a new plan to take corrective action.



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