UNHCR to assist over 1.6 mln. Conflict-affected people in Ethiopia


ADDIS ABABA-TheUnited Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Agency (UNHCR) has appealed for 205 million USD to deliver life-saving assistance and protection to over 1.6 million people displaced due to the conflict in northern parts of Ethiopia.

In its statement, the UNHCR said that sixteen months of conflict in northern Ethiopia has created a humanitarian crisis. Civilians, including refugees have been internally displaced people (IDPs), and widespread reports of gender-based violence, human rights abuses, loss of shelter and access to basic services, and critical levels of food insecurity have been recorded.

Of the 205 millionUSD, 117 million USD will be pumped into the scheme to address the needs of Ethiopian IDPs and Eritrean refugees in the Afar, Amhara, and Tigray states of Ethiopia, while 72 million USD for assisting Ethiopian refugees in Sudan. Some 16 million USD will be used for preparedness as part of contingency measures for any potential influx into neighboring countries Djibouti, Kenya, Somalia and South Sudan, it was noted.

Over 2 million Ethiopians have fled in search of safety within the country, and almost 60,000 across the border into Sudan. Several camps and settlements hosting Eritrean refugees have been attacked or destroyed, further displacing tens of thousands within Ethiopia.

“Funds raised will help us provide essential protection and humanitarian assistance to those impacted by the violence,” said UNHCR. At least 60,000 IDP households will be assisted with shelter and emergency relief items.

UNHCR applauded the “quick response” of the Ethiopian government to identify new sites to settle the displaced refugees, which requires resources.

UNHCR will work with the government’s Refugees and Returnees Service (RRS) and partners to complete the Alemwach site, in the Amhara state, so that Eritrean refugees can be relocated as soon as it is possible to do so, and to ensure essential services.

A new temporary site for Eritrean refugees that was caught up in the fighting in the Afar state last month is also said to be similarly in need of urgent investment.

In eastern Sudan, UNHCR will provide critical protection and assistance to Ethiopian refugees by building shelters that are more durable and strengthening efforts to enhance health care and education.

Activities to prevent and respond to gender-based violence and to provide victims with psychosocial and mental health support and scaled up the existing ones, it stated.

The March 9/2022

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