University to distribute over 100,000 enset species

ADDIS ABABA- Arba Minch University (AMU) has been working on distributing over 100,000 enset species to ensure food security through employing sophisticated technologies.

Talking to the Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA), AMU’s Natural Science College Lecturer and Researcher Addisu Fekadu (Ph.D.) said that the production and hybridization of enset is very helpful to cope up with the means to encounter drought in different parts of the country.

As to the researcher, many parts of the country like Southern state, Sidama and some areas of Oromia have been producing the product through using various cultural techniques and the areas are naturally very conducive to produce enset.

The researcher said that AMU has been supporting local community through undertaking different new discoveries regarding enset, providing various energy saver devices that are used to produce and process the product.

AMU has been working in collaboration with various stakeholders to expand its experiences and research findings. Accordingly, the university launched various operations in collaboration with Hawassa University and other stakeholders.

He also stressed that applying the investigation is very helpful to ensure food security and cope up with the ongoing drought and the university has planned to enable concerned bodies to distribute enset species to drought affected areas by framing short term and long term plans.

Hence, AMU has distinguished enset species that can grow and get ripe within two years in the desert areas.


The Ethiopian   19 February  2022

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