USAID, NATO threaten intervention against Ethio- Eritrea special ties

ADDIS ABABA- MINTCAST news stated that USAID, NATO have threatened intervention as Ethiopia, Eritrea Unite and Form Economic Cooperation with China.

The news also stated that the U.S. is now making ominous moves in the region, sending warships and thousands of soldiers to nearby nations like Yemen and Somalia and head of USAID, Samantha Power announced that every option is on the table regarding the Ethiopia’s Tigary state conflict.

‘Ethiopia’s civil war is a problem U.S. Troops can solve’, is a headline from The Washington post as it pushes for U.S intervention and that is a quote actually from Admiral James Stavridis, former Supreme Commander of NATO MINTCAST reported adding that Ethiopia, for the last couple of decades has been the a target of the U.S. meddling and support since the cold war.

Today the U.S. is supporting the TPLF, it stated explaining that the conflict has only escalated and turned into a humanitarian catastrophe, with international human rights organizations saying that genocide is taking place, major human rights abuses and the region is facing famine, it cited.

However, from a geopolitical perspective, it is clear that in the scramble for Africa, Ethiopia is a strategic region that United States and NATO have their sights to control and prevent countries, including Ethiopia, from joining China’s growing Belt and Road Initiatives.

Journalist Eugene Puryear also said in his discussion with MINTCAST news that sadly the mainstream media in U.S. seem to be getting almost everything wrong regarding Ethiopia’s Tigray Conflict.

He exposed that most of the same outlets change their story on this issue multiple times. But it is not only a fact, but the TPLF themselves, have admitted they in fact started the war. But since they started the war for no good reason which means most of what happened afterwards can be linked to that decision.

“Since this has been such a destructive conflict, and an entity that has been pushed out of power by the mass of the people of Ethiopia ,has been using a brutal war to restore themselves to rule the country against the will of the vast majority of the Ethiopians.

Accordingly, the western media along with the western governments and to some degree the United Nations are taking TPLF press releases and narratives on every single piece of information and every singly disputed fact in the context of the conflict, as the gospel truth.

He said that nothing is really being reported in a way that is allowing the people to see both sides and able to choose and decide what is appropriate for them indicating mainstream media presented the conflict in one-sided, pro-TPLF way which means that many things are being swept under rug.

“Ethiopia Eritrea, Somalia coming together saying maybe we can find a way to solve this ourselves without the U.S. being involved, but the idea greater unity of Africa driven by Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia presents a dangerous reality for western in terms of their ability to control the region. The region’s unity is the biggest threat of the western and the U.S.,” he underlined.



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