Victory at Adwa: Worth celebrating forever!

Tens of thousands of youth, elders and patriots flooded the streets of Addis in different directions to show their zeal to the celebration of the 126th anniversary of the Victory at Adwa.

Indeed they have many reasons to celebrate the victory. The world has witnessed thousands of battles, big or small, throughout its history. Few of them have remained unique and are remembered every time so outstandingly because of the footprint they left.

Without any exaggeration, the victory at Adwa, which Ethiopians won over the Italian colonialists is one of them and is worth even hot and special celebration by every generation.

One can mention so many reasons for such a claim. First of all, it must be understood that the war was literally between Ethiopia and Italy. But technically it was a war between white European colonialists and the black people of the world.

The war which was a continuation of the European colonial legacy of white supremacy against the black race was thwarted as Ethiopians paid all the necessary sacrifice for it.

Italy invaded Ethiopia not only with its own initiative but as part of the colonialists’ collective agreement as per the Berlin conference of 1881 to partition Africa among themselves. Africa has its own people, with their own beautiful culture, history and civilization.

But in the eyes of the colonialists, this was not of value. They simply divided it among themselves on the table and set out to divide it on the ground. Because of the victory against the colonialists, Ethiopia was able to set as an example for the liberation struggle of other African countries that were under colony. Furthermore, it was able to inspire many black people across the globe to stand for their liberation, or respect of their rights and equality.

With this, the world especially the west is forced to dedicate the whole month of February in commemoration of the audacious history of black people in the world. This is a history that happened more than a century ago.

Why do Ethiopians and Africans have to remember the victory of Adwa? And How long should it continue to be remembered so? Of course, the victory happened long ago.

But the incidents that created the war and subsequently to the gallant victory is still perpetrated by the same protagonists, the western forces, against the same victims, the countries of Africa.

The west is still acting with a similar feeling of chauvinism, supremacy and sentiment against Africans in the same way as they did during the Berlin conference.

This calls for the concerted efforts of African countries to repeat the measures taken by Ethiopians during the battle of Adwa. It is easy to see the acts of meddling by some entities in the US government in the internal affairs of Ethiopia. Ever since the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) launched a war against the government more than a year and a half ago, western countries and their affiliated media have been fueling and supporting it.

They have also imposed unfair sanctions and are also bracing to put more harmful sanctions in clear support of the aggressor.

This is an attempt only to extort the government of Ethiopia into their chokeholds as they are always used to installing a puppet government that submits to their will. This is only one example of the countless instances through which they were distorting the political and economic progress of Africa for decades.

But just like Emperor Menelik II responded to the Italians and as the incumbent government of Ethiopia is acting, Africans should always remain firm to their freedom and sovereignty withstanding any pressure. One way is to cherish the sentiment of the victory of Adwa which always remains fresh in the hearts and minds of Ethiopians.

By celebrating the victory, Ethiopians and Africans in general, should perpetuate the heroism and legacy of their leaders.

The   3 March  2022

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